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Jared & Jean This sweet couple is the perfect example when it comes to gracefully joining two families with different backgrounds and religious beliefs. Planning a wedding when you and your fiance or your families come from different religious or cultural roots can be very difficult because those things really influence this momentous occasion. Jared […]

Taylor & Shannon This couple purchased a session with me through a local charity auction and I’m so thrilled they did! Taylor and Shannon were so fun to work with. The two were so lovey and romantic it made my heart burst with joy. I love seeing couples interact with each other. As I observe […]

Capturing The Real Moments My goal as your photographer is to create beautiful images that tell your story. I want these photographs to capture your relationship and illustrate the way he holds you, how he makes you feel when he whispers something sweet in your ear. I believe you should have photos that depict the […]

Here is another stunning Utah location with unique features, Antelope Island State Park. The giant boulders scattered over the desert landscape, salty beaches and a bison herd are just a few of the reasons why visitors like to explore Antelope Island. It’s also a beautiful location for a photo session, an intimate ceremony or elopement. […]

Heidi & Lui This adorable couple met me out at the Bonneville Salt Flats this past April for a fun session on this blank canvas landscape. The Salt Flats is a very unique location, the densely pack salt floor is a remnant of the pleistoncene Lake Bonneville and is the largest salt flats located west […]

It was a complete privilege to take photos of this amazing sister of mine! Okay, we’re cousins… but both of us don’t have blood sisters so we consider ourselves blessed enough to have each other growing up! Hannah is quirky, fun, hilarious, and in all sense of the word…BEAUTIFUL. We had a lot of fun […]

Dallas & Ellie loaded up their jeep for a weekend getaway and a chance to get some truly amazing wedding photos! They had just gotten married a month prior but were still wanting the epic photos they had dreamt of…. Despite vehicle trouble and life obligations pulling at them, they made it to Moab, Utah. […]

One of the hardest parts about family pictures is picking outfits that not only look good together, but look good for the location you will be having them taken. Here are my top tips for choosing clothes that you will love for your family portraits! #1. Consider The Location. You may not have ever thought […]

I seriously feel so spoiled to live in place that has so many different gorgeous locations! Within two hours of my doorstep we have stunning mountain peaks, black lava fields, and several locations that will give you the perfect beach vibes. This location is on the northeastern edge of the Great Salt Lake in Utah. […]

I have many connections with Sheri Winn. My dad worked for her dad as he got his start in home remodeling, attended the same high school (go Bobcats!). Then we both were fooled by the same drifter boy in college whom we both dated. Sheri dated him first and when her dad found out that […]