Jocilyn Bennett

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Investing in my education has been the best thing I've done for my business!

I'm excited to guide you in finding your own success through helping you get clarity on your personal strengths and building a business that you're excited about.

A hands-on personal experience. With full mock elopements that are more than just styled shoots and small group mentoring designed to help you in multiple areas of your business.

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There are times when we need a little direction on a specific subject or guidance in figuring out our next step. One on one mentoring can give you just what you need to succeed.

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Join me on an actual elopement or wedding day and see how it's all done. personally, I learned so much from shadowing other photographers. Includes a one hour mentor session.

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There was a time when I wanted to throw in the towel with this whole business. I had some really negative experiences that gave me so much anxiety about stepping into another photo session. Investing in my education allowed me to take a step back and discover my passion for this art and business again. 

Now I have built a thriving elopement photography business. I've identified my unique talents and use those to serve couples in creating an unforgettable celebration of their love and marriage. 

I still go through phases of doubt, stages of great overwhelm and have times where I wonder if I'm doing the right thing. The greatest thing I have done in moments like these has been investing in my education. By hiring mentors, attending workshops or purchasing courses... That's what pulls me out of the rut and turns these stages of struggle into huge growth moments.

I'm excited to help you rise and walk through the challenges you are facing. I know there is big growth for you ahead!

My Story

I almost gave up... many times