Grand Teton Hike Tips For Elopements

Nothing’s more exciting than a Grand Teton Hike on your wedding day. Whether you’re headed up the hills for a private elopement ceremony, or if you’re just going for dynamic wedding portraits, it’s special to explore the great outdoors with your fiancée. As a Jackson Hole elopement photographer, I’ve been on countless trips with my couples to the most beautiful spots in the Tetons. If you’re planning a wedding hike, I’ve got a few tips to share with you. 

Pack in Your Gown for Your Grant Teton Hike

For short, mild hikes into the Grand Tetons, many brides and grooms choose to wear their dress clothes from the trailhead. But, if you’re planning a longer hike, or one with more intensity, you may consider packing in your clothes. 

If you put your clothes in a garment bag and attach it to your pack, you can change when we get to the summit. We can hold up a tarp or blanket for privacy. And another note: don’t forget to wear the appropriate undergarments, so that your dress clothes hang right in your photos. It really does matter!

Design a Wind-proof Hairstyle

For both men and women, but especially for the brides, it’s smart to pick a wind-proof hairstyle. I’d recommend picking a loose hairstyle, like having your hair half-up, half-down, or having a low messy bun. Be prepared for the worst with extra hair ties, pins, and gel so you can re-do the details if the weather requires it.

Prepare to Freshen Up

I know you’ll want to look your best in your Grand Teton Hike elopement photos. Brides, you’re probably going to sweat your makeup off on your wedding hike. It happens, and it’s no big deal. Do plan on bringing a full makeup bag and a mirror so you can freshen up before your portraits. For grooms, plan on bringing a towel, comb, and compact. 

Things to Bring on Your Grand Teton Hike

And remember, a hike is a hike, so don’t forget the basics. Bring good walking shoes to change into, sunglasses, sunscreen, water, and snacks. For your wedding portraits, you may also want to bring personal mementos, written vows, wedding day jewelry and accessories, or bridal bouquets. 

It’s a lot, but I can promise you that the results are worth it! Wedding photos on a Grand Teton Hike can be just incredible. You’ll want to post them everywhere and print them forever! I’ve got tons of experience doing Teton hikes and I have even more tips to share, so if you’d like to chat with me about being your Jackson Hole elopement photographer, reach out!

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