Jackson Hole Honeymoon Guide

Planning honeymoons isn’t necessarily my job as a Jackson Hole photographer. However, I do plan a lot of elopements with my couples, and I know the area like the back of my hand! So, of course, I know the best spots to visit during your honeymoon, as well as what to pack depending on the season. Today I want to go into a Jackson Hole honeymoon and share everything you need to to know from lodging and travel to eateries and adventure!

Jackson Wy photographer captures couple on their Jackson Hole Honeymoon exploring Grand Teton National Park

Pack for the Season

Something I love about the Grand Tetons is the variety of weather. Every season brings something new and exciting. With that, It is pretty important to know what to expect during your travel.


May & Oct
Average Temps: 30° – 60°
Medium-High Chance for Rain
11-14hrs of sunlight


Average Temps: 40° – 85°
Low to Medium Chance for Rain
13-16hrs of sunlight


Average Temps: -5° – 35°
High Chances for Snow
9-12hrs of sunlight

Note that while packing for your Jackson Hole honeymoon, keep in mind that the weather can vary quite a bit. I highly recommend packing layers of clothing and good shoes for the season. Hiking boots are perfect for any season, however you may also want to back some tennis shoes and sandals for summer as you will be able to enjoy the lakes.

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Jackson Wy photographer captures couple walking through park during Jackson hole honeymoon
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Traveling to Jackson is pretty decent. The airport, located just 9 miles from the town square, has nonstop flights from 13 major cities. So, chances are you may have a connecting flight, but you won’t have to drive far from the airport to get to your honeymoon!

Once landed, I recommend that you use a rental car. You can definitely walk everywhere in the warmer months if you are staying in the center of downtown Jackson. However, to make the most of your honeymoon, you will want to explore the Grand Tetons, go on hikes, and take on some adventure! By renting a car you will be able to do so much more!

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Jackson Wy photographer captures couple exploring Grand Teton National Park during Jackson Hole honeymoon
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Jackson Hole Honeymoon Lodging

I recommend getting lodging in Jackson, Wilson or Teton Village for easy convenience when working with wedding day vendors and being close to restaurants, shops, gas stations, grocery stores, the park, activities, etc. There are some places in the park that can be convenient as well. Lodging options in towns close to Alpine, Driggs, or Victor can work. They are pretty places too, but add about an hour to your drive. If you plan on spending most of your time in Grand Teton National Park or the town of Jackson, I recommend staying closer.

Here are a few options in different categories to help you decide!

Luxury Hotel Options

Nice Hotels

Economical Options

I have a more extensive list with over 30 options! Reach out to get my full travel guide here!

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Jackson Wy photographer captures woman wearing light dress in Jackson Hole honeymoon in the Tetons
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Jackson Hole Honeymoon Restaurants

There are so many amazing places to eat in Jackson. During the busy season (June-Sept) you may want to make reservations before you arrive. If it’s just the two of you and you don’t mind waiting then you can get into most restaurants. Some restaurants are closed during the off season (April & November) and those can vary so I don’t have a list for off season, but you can visit the links below to see which ones will be open during your stay.

Here are my recommendations depending on what you are looking for:

Celebratory Dining Option


Casual Dining

Dine In The Park

For more eateries that are honeymoon-worthy, get my full travel guide!

Jackson Wy photographer captures couple holding hands and looking at one another while walking through park
Jackson Wy photographer captures woman walking through grassy area in Grand Teton National Park
Jackson Wy photographer captures couple dancing together in grassy area in Jackson Hole

Activities & Excursions

Besides the many hours… days even, that you can spend just driving and hiking around to explore the fun town and beautiful national parks, There are SO MANY things to do for your Jackson Hole honeymoon!

Activities will vary season to season. The busy Summer season is June-September, during these months, all of the activities and excursions listed below will be available. Peak Winter season is Dec-March. The winter activity recommendations listed below will be available as long as temperatures and snow levels are good. During off season (April & November) availability of all activities will vary.

Guided Activities & Excursions

General Activities

Winter Guided Activities & Excursions

General Winter Actvities

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This is just a fraction of the resources I offer my couples looking to have a Jackson Hole honeymoon. If you want a full guide, reach out to me, and we can talk all things Jackson Hole!

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