5 Signs You May Want to Elope in Wyoming

Do you really know yourself? Planning a wedding can highlight things about yourself and your fiancé that you never knew. As a Jackson Hole elopement photographer, I have met with hundreds of couples over my career, and honestly, I can just tell when a couple would be happier eloping. So, put yourself to the test! Here are five signs you should definitely elope in Wyoming. 

You both love adventures and the outdoors.

The first sign is that you LOVE adventures. Jackson Hole is full of fun things to do! Out here we’ve got everything: hiking, rafting, camping, climbing, sledding, etc! It can be especially fun if you and your partner love being outdoors together. If you spell love A-D-V-E-N-T-U-R-E, it’s a sign you’re ready to elope in Wyoming.

You don’t want a traditional wedding.

Next, you don’t love the traditional wedding fluff. As a Jackson Hole elopement photographer, I’ve met a ton of couples that aren’t interested in the wedding scene. It is totally okay to be uncomfortable in dress clothes! And it’s okay if you’d rather be under blue skies than on a jam-packed dance floor. If you’d rather say “I do” your way, it’s time to plan your elopement. 

You want something stress-free.

If you’re dreaming of the low-stress option for your wedding, you should plan to elope. Many couples aren’t aware of all that goes into a wedding. From experience, I know that it is hundreds of hours of time to plan and coordinate! That’s great for those that are excited to host a big wedding, but can be totally overwhelming for other couples. An elopement is a less stressful solution, because you can pick and choose the elements that are most important to you. 

You don’t want to go into debt.

Did you know the estimated average cost of a wedding in 2024 is $33,000? If that seems a little steep for you and your families, you’re ready to elope in Wyoming. Out here you’ll find there are a ton of ways to celebrate you and your love without spending so much. Or, take the money you’ve saved and invest it into a bright future together. 

You want something intimate and personal.

And the last sign that you should elope? Picture this: you, your partner, and an officiant, standing amidst wildflowers or on the edge of a crystal-clear lake. You probably brought your dogs. It’s romantic, personal, and perfectly suited to you and your partner. Does this seem like a dream come true? If so, you already know the answer…

It’s time to elope to Wyoming! And lucky for you, I’ve got tons of guides on the best locations, timelines, budgets, and poses for your elopement. Don’t wait! Reach out to your Jackson Hole elopement photographer and let’s get this started.

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