Jackson Hole Elopement 6 Myths about Eloping

As a Jackson Hole elopement photographer, I know there are a ton of myths about eloping. I can tell you, most of them just aren’t true. Do you believe these six common myths? Let’s reveal the truth about having a Jackson Hole elopement.

Elopements are Rushed & Secretive

The first myth you’ve heard is that elopements are unplanned or impulsive. And I have to say that’s just outdated! A ton of couples choose to elope because the idea of a traditional wedding doesn’t suit their style or preferences. And nowadays, couples often plan their elopement months in advance. Sometimes, even a year out!

A Jackson Hole Elopement Has to Be Just the Two of You

It’s true that “elopement” generally means a small party, but it doesn’t have to be the two of you. Less than twenty, usually, can still fall under the umbrella of an elopement. Consider your few closest friends or family members (plus your officiant) to bring along. 

Couples Only Elope to Save $$

Do couples only elope to save money? NOPE. It’s true that eloping is often a more cost-effective way to say “I do,” but couples don’t just elope to save cash. In fact, you can still have a wedding dinner, floral bouquet and other potentially expensive vendors involved. Moreover, some couples prefer privacy, while others prefer the freedom of eloping anywhere they wish! 

You have to be Outdoorsy to have a Jackson Hole Elopement

Elopements can happen anywhere, any way! Jackson Hole elopements often include hiking, snowmobiling, rafting, or other adventurous activities, but it’s not required. A Jackson Hole elopement can also include tours, fine dining, or a trip to the spa! Let your preferences and hobbies be your guide, because your elopement is all about you! 

Eloping Isn’t as Special as a Traditional Wedding

Don’t buy into the myth that eloping is somehow subpar or less-than a big wedding affair. Of course, your elopement is just as special as a traditional wedding, if not more so! You’ll say your vows to your person in the most beautiful setting of your choice, and only the people you love the most will be there. Eloping can be the most romantic way to start on your life journey together. 

Elopements Don’t Need as Much Photography Coverage

Finally, your elopement deserves just as much photography as a traditional wedding. Your elopement should include photos for your getting-ready process, first look, ceremony, plus any adventures! And don’t worry if the photography you’re hoping for doesn’t seem “traditional”–I am happy to work with you to make sure we photograph your most important moments, however that happens! 

Consider these myths debunked! An elopement can be just as fulfilling as a traditional wedding. And I’d love to be your Jackson Hole elopement photographer. I have tons more advice on how to make your Jackson Hole elopement an event to remember, so let’s chat about your elopement here.

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