Jackson Hole Elopement Locations

My extensive knowledge of the area sets me apart from other Jackson Hole photographers. I have basically grown up in Jackson, working summers as a teen and young adult, as well as visiting the Tetons for family vacations. And with all my time in the Grand Tetons and Jackson Hole I have come to know this part of Wyoming like the back of my hand! With that I am sharing my favorite Jackson Hole elopement locations!

Jackson Hole elopement photographer captures bride and groom walking together

The Best Lighting For Jackson Hole Elopement Locations

Lighting is the most important element in creating beautiful photographs. So no matter the location you choose, we want to get the lighting right! The best time of day to capture stunning images with you and the landscape is at sunrise or sunset (we can create beautiful photos of you any time of day, but to get those mountain peaks AND you, we need soft lighting). I highly recommend planning your day to accommodate taking some photos during one of these times.

During your planning session with me we will discuss all that you are wanting for your day and come up with the best timeline for your day.

Jackson Hole bride and groom smile and lean in for a kiss under the brides veil with trees in the background

Ceremony Locations

Some locations within the National Park allow ceremonies, each accommodating different needs. So, let’s explore the four main types of ceremonies and what locations work best for them!

Grand Teton National Park offers permits for ceremonies in several designated locations. Other locations are available for us to take photos of, but not for official ceremonies. In most cases you will only need a permit for your ceremony location, if another permit is needed I will let you know.

I try to keep in touch with the permit office to provide you with the most updated information; however, if you contact them and they tell you something different than what is in this guide, I apologize. They are the ultimate authority.

bride standing with her groom and resting her hand on his chest as they stand on a boulder next to the lake with the grand tetons in the distance

Hiking Ceremonies

If you are adventurous and want to explore the Tetons, a hike would be perfect for your big day. You will create memories as you walk trails, climb mountains, and take the scenic route to your destination. Here are my two recommended Jackson Hole Elopement Locations for hiking.

Taggart Lake

This is a moderate 3-mile round-trip hike. There are beautiful views all along the trail, and the lake is a pretty aqua-blue. This is a popular lake, so sunset times help us avoid crowds, and ceremonies are limited.

Grand Teton's Taggart Lake Wedding day with bride and groom on the lake
Taggart Lake wedding ceremony with bride smiling over her shoulder as she holds her grooms hands and the officiant marries the couple

Delta Lake – Limited Availablity

This is a difficult 8.5 mile round trip hike where we gain just over 2,000ft in elevation. It’s not just your average trail hike, we will navigate over two bolder fields and climb a steep mountainside to arrive at our destination. I believe Delta Lake is the most stunning vista in Grand Teton National Park and well worth the trek. This aqua glacier lake sits below the peak of the Grand and even though the trail is frequently travelled it offers a place of solitude for your special moments as you say “I Do”.

Due to the elevation of this lake and snow pack, we can only get to it during the hot summer weeks surrounding August. If you love this location, ask me about availability.

groom lifting his bride up in the air as her wedding dress flows behind her with the Tetons and a lake being the couples photographed by Jackson Hole wedding photographers
groom dips his bride in the middle of a lake in the Tetons
wedding day picture of a bride and groom embracing each other while standing on rocks in a forrest and looking out into a crystal cler lake with the Grand Tetons towering over them

Small Group Ceremony Locations

Limited to groups of 12 people or less. The park issues permits for “Small Dispersed” ceremony permits for anywhere in the park EXCEPT for the 7 Site Specific locations listed above and busy tourist destinations. Basically we get to choose any location that we would like within reason.

For the permit, the park likes having a location that can be pin-pointed on a map, so choosing the nearest turnout or trailhead is recommended. This is a list of my favorite easy-access ceremony locations that fall under this category.

Signal Mountain

Drive up a winding road to the top of Signal Mountain for a great view of the valley. This location offers a forested area of tall lodgepole pines and during the early summer the hills are covered in wildflowers. At the top you get a great view of Mt. Moran and Jackson Lake.

bride holding her grooms hand as she leads him through a meadow in Jackson Hole for their destination elopement
woodland wedding photo with groom holding his bride as the sun shines through the trees overhead
bride and groom holding hands and walking up a trail in the woods while the sunsets over the tree line photographed by jackson hole photographer
Jackson Hole elopement locations in the woods with bride in a meadow surrounded by tall trees in the spring
spring wedding in the mountains with bride and groom embracing in a field of yellow flowers

Cathedral Turnout

This location features the grand West with it’s wide open range of sage land and big mountians. From the parking area we are free to walk out into the field of sage or find more privacy in the trees.

adventure elopement with young couple at the teatons with bride wearing a trendy wide brimmed hat with florals on it leaning into kiss her groom as the focus of teh picture is on the mountains in front of them
bride and groom walk down a road together while holding hands and looking at each other with the Tetons on the background
grand teton wedding with bride and groom holding hands and looking to the mountains at sunset for their wedding portraits by jackson hole photographers
bride and groom holding hands and walking through a valley with the Tetons in the distance taken by jackson hole wedding photographers

Lupine Meadows

This is one of my favories. It’s a lot like Cathedral Group Turnout but it’s not a formal park turnout so rarely do tourists stop at this particular spot. You get the big mountians and trees for privacy. During the early summer you can find beautiful patches of lupine and other wild flowers.

bride and groom sitting in a field together with the snowy Grand Tetons right behind them with dark clouds rolling into the field
honeymoon photos with man and woman embracing in a meadow in the grand tetons
man and woman hugging and kissing as the sun starts to set in the distance over the Teton moutnains

Teton Glacier Turnout

A beautiful classic view of the Teton range. The views are perfect right off the road and there is a little trail we can explore and find more privacy.

jackson hole photographer captures bride and groom embracing on a trail at teton glacier turnout with a dusty pink sky above the mountains
jackson hole photographers photographs Grand Teton wedding picture of groom holding his brides hand and leading her through a field with the Tetons in the distance

Oxbow Bend

From this popular turnout there are a few little paths to take us to a great spot close to the snake river. We also can hike up the hillside for a better view of the mountains and the winding river.

adventure wedding photographer captures bride adn groom holding hands and running across the road in Jackson Hole
couple kissing on a hillside in sage brush with the snake river under the couple in the valley captured by jackson hole photographer
man and woman standing with their officiant at Oxbow Bend over the snake river in the distance with the sun shining and reflecting over the water

Granite Canyon Trailhead

This trailhead is at the very South end of the park and tends to not be crowded. The landscape around the area is so beautiful with the large grove of quaking aspen trees and sage brush.

brides wedding dress flying in the wind as she kisses her groom for their Tetons bridals
bride and groom holding hands and walking together through the meadow at Granite Canyon trailhead for their outdoor wedding
bride and groom having a boho elopement in the Grand Tetons
bride and groom holding hands and walking towards a wooded area for their jackson hole elopement photos

BlackTail Ponds

From the turnout parking area there is a beautiful view of the Tetons and an overlook of the wetlands below. A steep trail will take you down into the tall willows and grasses.

stunning bridal photoshoot with bride holding her gown and looking down at it as she smiles during her Jackson Hole elopement
Jackson Hole elopement photographer captures man and woman sitting on a fallen tree log together and laughing surrounded by thick brush

Large Group Ceremony Locations

The park has designed these 7 “Reserved Site-Specific” locations to accommodate larger group wedding ceremonies. These are all easy access locations that have parking areas to allow for more people. Each location has a group size limit and that includes the officiant, other wedding professionals, guests and children. Even though the permit is for a “reserved” site, we must share the location with the normal tourist traffic and cannot as others to leave.

In these locations we walk a little ways and choose a spot that is more private.

Colter Bay Swim Beach

Beautiful location with rocky beach along the Jackson lake. There are tall willows and a forested walking path near by to add variety when taking photos.

Limited to 40 people. Paved parking lot with a short walk on the rocky beach to your choice of ceremony location. Consider the mobility of your guests on the rocky beach, this may not be ideal for those using walkers, wheel chairs, etc.
There is usually open space to have a more private ceremony. But be aware that there are often tourists swimming in the lake and walking along the beach.

Grand teton elopement with bride holding her arms around the grooms neck while holding her bouquet and kissing while on a beach in the tetons

Mormon Row North

Iconic location with the historic barns and buildings. Where most of the park is covered in sage brush, this land was cultivated by pioneer farmers and is the only place within the park that has a grassy fields. 

Limited to 40 people. Small parking area on site. The field and all buildings are within short walking distance. Wheelchair accessible, however, the ground is uneven, and there are deep holes from wildlife. Walking into the field or down to the distant historic buildings usually gives us the most privacy for ceremonies, as tourists often visit these.

groom standing behind woman and holding her waist as she smiles over her shoulder to her groom and holding a bouquet in a Jackson Hole elopement locations
bride in a large flowy dress with her groom in a black suit stand together in a pasture infron of a barn and hold hands while looking at each other

Mormon Row South

Mormon Row is a large area so the park divided it into two ceremony locations.
It’s divided by Antelope Flats Road.

The South area is limited to groups under 25 people but is much like the north side. Both have iconic barns and Teton views. The access is very similar with places to park and everything in a walkable distance.

Jackson Hole photographers capture bride and groom holding hands and walking over a small bridge that covers a creek as they walk towards a barn with a line of trees in the distance with fog covering the mountains

Mountain View Turnout

This is a wonderful location along the inner road of the park. With wide open land covered in sage brush and a grand view of the Teton range.

Limited to 25 people. This has a paved parking lot and the best place to hold a ceremony is walking into the sage brush. Most tourists stay in the parking lot and take photos from there.

Jackson Hole photographer capture black and white wedding portrait in Grand Tetons
bride and groom kissing in a meadow in the Tetons with the sun shining over the mountains before it sets behind them for wyoming wedding

Snake River Turnout

This location is easily accessed from the main road of the park. The paved parking lot and sidewalks make the area accessible to everyone. There is also a large area of sage brush if you want to have a total natural setting. Limited to 25 people.

Glacier View Turnout

Similar to Snake River Turnout, this location is easily accessed from the main road of the park. The paved parking lot and sidewalks make the area accessible to everyone. There is also a large area of sage brush if you want to have a total natural setting. Limited to 25 people.

Schwabacher Landing

Limited to 25 people. This is one of the most popular locations for ceremonies within the park. It’s an absolutely stunning backdrop! The one downside is that now more people have discovered the location, and it can be crowded at times. I still love this location and have had many beautiful ceremonies here. You just have to consider how much privacy you are wanting for your ceremony.

Schwabacher Landing is a big place with a North and South section. If you drive down the road, you will pass the first parking area on the south side of Schwabacher Landing. If you continue down the road you will end at the North parking area. For wedding ceremony permits, the park doesn’t differentiate between North and South, so when you choose Schwabacher Landing for your ceremony, you will get to choose between the two locations. South Schwabacher is less crowded.


groom dips his pregnant bride back and kisses her passionately in front of a river with a forest and mountains in the distance
jackson hole wedding photographer captures bride and groom holding hands during their wedding ceremony in the grand tetons surrounded by friends
Jackson Hole photographers capture bride and groom kissing in front of a river at the end of their wedding ceremony in the grand tetons
grand teton wedding photographer captures bride and groom holding hands and walking through a river at Schwabacher landing with the tetons in the distance


Jackson Hole photographers capture bridals in Jackson Hole for an elopement party with the bride and groom embracing each other and smiling as the Grand Tetons stand behind them
Jackson hole photographers capture blonde bride holding her groom hands as they smile during their ceremony in Jackson Hole with Grand Teton wedding and elopement photographer in the Spring
Jackson Hole photographers capture bride reading a letter to her groom before their wedding ceremony in Jackson Hole
Jackson Hole photographers capture bride and groom hugging during their fall elopement in JAckson Hole with the Grand Tetons behind them for their wedding portraits

Ceremony Locations Outside The Park

Here are three locations outside the park where we can hold your ceremony. Some locations may still require a permit or a phone call to put your names on a calendar. Since those things are constantly changing I can give you the most updated info if you choose one of these locations.

The Wedding Tree

This is a beautiful location located in the Bridger Teton National Forest. It features two pine trees that grew together in an arch that frame the Tetons. A windstorm broke part of the tree arch so it looks a little different today, however it’s beauty is still the same and the long tradition of weddings held at this site has only become more popular. A permit is usually required.

Jackson Hole photographers capture bride, groom and thier dog at the wedding tree at sunset in Jackson Hole in the Tetons
Wedding Tree Jackson Hole wedding ceremony captured by jackson hole wedding photographers with bride and groom reading vows under the tree
Jackson Hole photographers capture bride holding her arms around the groom's shoulders as the groom holds her waist and they kiss while the sun shines over them in Jackson Hole

Emily Stevens Park

This is a great location right next to the Snake River. There is a parking area and a trail that takes you over the bridge or down to the rocky river bed. Pets are allowed, and at this time, no permit is needed to hold a ceremony here.

Jackson Hole photographers capture bride and groom walking their dog on a bridge to a lake in the tetons with the woods behind them captured by jackson hole wedding photographer
Jackson Hole photographers capture bride and groom standing on a river rock bed with their dog in the Tetons for their elopement
bride sitting on a rock beach in jackson hole for bridal photos looking out to the water while holding her bouquet
bride and groom embracing each other as they sit together on a bench on a bridge with their dog on their laps for their Jackson Hole wedding

Curtis Canyon Campground

A dirt road takes you into the Bridger-Teton National Forest. At the top of the hill, there is a campground area that overlooks the Teton mountains. The hillside provides a beautiful view for a ceremony or photos. This area is less visited by tourists but is a well-known spot by the locals.

Other Photo Locations

Some locations aren’t available to hold a ceremony but are open for exploring and taking photos. These are some of my favorite places in Grand Teton National Park that offer other stunning backdrops.

String Lake

dark haired bride holding a wedding bouquet and looking over her shoulder at her flowers with the lake behind her with the Tetons reflecting in the water
young blonde pregnant bride walks into a lake during her Grand Teton elopement
Jackson Hole photographers capture groom holding his brides head while kissing her head and she holds his torso at String lake for their Jackson Hole wedding photographed by Jackson Hole photographers

Moose-Wilson Road

Jackson Hole Photographers captures couple walking through meadow
Jackson Hole Photographer captures couple embracing and touching foreheads during outdoor engagement session inJ Jackson Hole

Jenny Lake

romantic Grand Teton wedding photos with bride and groom embracing one another as their foreheads rest on one another captured by jackson hole photographers
Jackson Hole photographers capture groom dipping his bride backwards for a kiss on her forehead captured by grand teton photographer
Jackson Hole elopement photographer captures bride and groom standing with dog

Downtown Jackson

Grand Teton photographer captures couple celebrating in Jackson Hole after elopement
Jackson Hole photographers capture groom dipping his bride back as they dance in the road at the Cowboy Bar in Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole Elopement Locations

There really are so many incredible places in Grand Teton National Park, more than I can possibly put in this guide. These are the best Jackson Hole Elopement Locations, but there are always more to get into! Please reach out if you have any questions! During our planning session I know that we will find the perfect place for your big day.

jackson hold photographer capture bride and groom embracing in a field with the sun setting over the mountains with tall grass surrounding the couple for their grand teton wedding

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