Jackson Hole Wedding Guide

Getting married Jackson Hole is a once in a life time experience that you deserve to do right! Whether that is having a small, intimate elopement. Or a larger celebration with family. You deserve to have all the resources at your finger tips to plan the perfect day! And as a Wyoming elopement photographer, I want to share with you everything I know. So buckle up, because I am about to spill a lot of information in this Jackson Hole Wedding Guide!

Elopement Timeline Examples

Once you have decided on getting married in Jackson Hole, you need to discuss a timeline with your Jackson Hole photographers. I have captured over a hundred weddings and elopements in the Grand Tetons and have a number of elopement timeline examples to help you plan a stress free elopement!

Check out my Wyoming Elopement Timeline Examples blog for more details on how your wedding day may look like.

Find Your Jackson Hole Photographers

One of the most important investment you can make in preserving your memories from your Wyoming elopement is choosing the right photographer for you! This is the professional who will be there every step of the way documenting your love story, the little details and ultimately your legacy. Here are a few tips to help you get started when looking for your Jackson Hole Photographers.

Photography Style – Do you love there editing style and location choices?

Personality & Professionalism – Are they you kind of person? And do they act professionally?

Credibility – Check reviews! Make sure they have experience, and are well liked.

For more details on these tips, and what exactly to look for, check out our How To Choose Jackson Hole Wedding Photographers blog!

Leave No Trace Aware Photographer

As a Jackson Hole photographer who is leave no trace aware, I care a lot about the landscape and beauty of the Tetons. In fact, I want you to revisit your Grand Teton wedding location for years to come! Preserved exactly how you remember it!! Which is why I have tips for a leave no trace elopement in the Tetons. As well as how to have a sustainable elopement throughhttps://jocilynbennett.com/2022/05/23/3-ways-to-create-a-sustainable-elopement/ supporting local business and making other sustainable choices.

Wedding Planner

I have been in and out of Jackson Hole since I was a teenager. I truly know the area, as well as the wedding industry in Jackson, like the back of my hand! That is why I double as a Jackson Hole elopement and wedding planner. I give you my advice and insider tips and knowledge so you can plan your wedding in 6 months, or even a shorter amount of time if needed!

I definitely recommend working with a Jackson Hole planner, especially if you are coming from out of state. Your wedding day will run so much smoother, as well as be more of an immersive experience!

Wyoming elopement photos with bride and groom holding hands as they walk towards the grand tetons in the distance in an open field with the sun beginning to set for their Grand Teton wedding photos

Jackson Hole Wedding Venues

If you are planning a small elopement in the mountains, you can go ahead and skip this sections. However, if you are planning on a large celebration with loved ones, then you NEED to check out these Jackson Hole Wedding venues! From the mountain views, the ranch vibes, and of course a little bit of luxury. You are sure to find the perfect venue!

Here are just a few of my favorites!

Diamond Cross Ranch

It has a lot to offer and has the most beautiful views of the Teton mountain range! Not to mention, there are horses in the pastures that will add a romantic whimsical feel to your big day.

Lost Creek Ranch & Spa

This beautiful getaway venue that can accommodate all your family and friends for a long weekend wedding of relaxation. With a stunning view of the Teton mountain range, their spa and outdoor activities, a wedding at the ranch becomes a romantic getaway for the entire group.

bride and groom walking together in a green field while leading a horse with the Grand Tetons in the background

Snow King Resort

Located in downtown Jackson it offers full accommodations, food options, activities, and just about everything else you could want.

Teton Pines Country Club

Teton Pines provides an outstanding setting for your life’s most cherished event. The grounds offer gorgeous bridges, ponds, and mountain views, creating a perfect backdrop for stunning wedding photos.

The Wort Hotel

This historic hotel venue is conveniently located right in Jackson Hole near the town square. As an indoor location it can accommodate weddings of any size.

Go ahead and get my entire list of 20 Jackson Hole wedding venues. With more detail and perks of each venue.

Best Jackson Hole Wedding Vendors

As Jackson Hole photographers I have been able to work with some of the greatest vendors in the area. Each being filled with so much passion for their trade, as well as amazing customer relations. So as part of this Jackson Hole Wedding guide, I just have to share a few florists and makeup artists. But if you have more vendors you want to include other than a venue, florist and glam. Then I can definitely help you as I am well.

Wedding Dinner In Jackson Hole

Whether you have a large celebration or an intimate elopement, these dinner options in Jackson Hole are sure to impress. Each with a unique atmosphere and a divine menu. Let’s dive into some of our favorite places to eat in Jackson!

Million Dollar Cowboy Bar and Steakhouse

Sit on a saddle and enjoy the live music as well as the dance floor in the bar upstairs. Or head downstairs for a full steak dinner in the Steakhouse. This spot is the perfect combination of chic and western.

cowboy bar in Jackson with bride and groom outside of the bar with the bride being dipped by her groom in the road in front of the bar at night captured by jackson hole photographers for wyoming elopement


You will love this spot, and even better because they offer a lot of options for reserving the space. Their private room seats 28, but they offer other semi-private options for bigger parties. Plus the food is amazing!

Snake River Grill

Snake River Grill is a fine dining experience here in Jackson Hole. They do offer a small private room upon reservation for up to 16 guests. Make sure to reserve early! Because this fine dining spot is a popular one!

black and white image of bride and groom toasting at their Jackson Hole celebratory dinner


If you’re looking to treat a mid-sized party, Osteria holds private rooms for up to 80 guests. They also offer a variety of party options and catering, so you can enjoy their delicious selection of pasta, pizza, wine, and dessert wherever your wedding takes you!

The Blue Lion 

This landmark restaurant has been around since the 1970s, and keeps their loyal customers. The Blue Lion is fine dining with a twist, featuring local proteins like elk and bison steak, pheasant, and trout.

For more details on these restaurants, check out our blog on Dinner In Jackson Hole For Your Wedding.

bride and groom cutting a cake together for their wedding reception celebration at Blue Lion in Jackson Hole captured by Jackson Hole photographers

Jackson Hole Wedding Guide

I have so much more to share! This is literally such a small snippet of the information I have to offer. So head over to the blog for more, or reach out! I would love to start planning with you!

bride and groom embracing on the top of a mountain in the Grand Tetons for their wedding photos with the bright bue water of a lake behind them

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