Dinner In Jackson Hole For Your Wedding

Picturing you preparing for a lovely marriage in Jackson Hole, you’re putting it all together, and you’re thinking, “I wish I had someone’s genuine recommendations for restaurants around here…” And I’m here to say, having spent many hours in and around Jackson Hole as a photographer, that I know exactly where you should get dinner. Here’s five hidden gems for dinner in Jackson Hole. 

tall candles and lush greenery for a table centerpiece for wedding reception at Four Seasons Jackson Hole

Million Dollar Cowboy Bar and Steakhouse  

The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar is perfectly chic and Western. Sit on a saddle and enjoy the live music as well as the dance floor in the bar upstairs. Or head downstairs for a full steak dinner in the Steakhouse. Besides the great selection of meats and seafoods, the Million Dollar Bar really just feels like the spirit of Wyoming. 

Jackson Hole photographers captures groom dipping his bride backwards and kissing her passionately in the middle of the road with the Cowboy Bar of Jackson Hole behind them with the lights turned on after dark


Gather has the most amazing food for dinner in Jackson Hole, and that is no exaggeration! You will love this spot, and even better because they offer a lot of options for reserving the space. Their private room seats 28, but they offer other semi-private options for bigger parties. (PS, if you’re looking for gluten free, vegetarian, or vegan options, you’ll find happy accommodations here!)

Jackson Hole wedding table decor with roses and glass tableware

Snake River Grill

Snake River Grill is a fine dining experience here in Jackson Hole. They do offer a small private room upon reservation for up to 16 guests. Make sure to reserve early! And don’t forget to finish your meal with a strawberry sorbet or coconut panna cotta. This is one of my favorites as a Jackson Hole photographer!

black and white image of bride and groom toasting at their Jackson Hole celebratory dinner


Il Villaggio Osteria has amazing and authentic multi-course Italian food! If you’re looking to treat a mid-sized party, Osteria holds private rooms for up to 80 guests. They also offer a variety of party options and catering, so you can enjoy their delicious selection of pasta, pizza, wine, and dessert wherever your wedding takes you!

dinner in Jackson Hole at high end restaurant with menu tucked into a folder napkin sitting on a white plate captured by Jackson Hole photographers

The Blue Lion 

I of course have to mention The Blue Lion, since we’re talking Jackson Hole! This landmark restaurant has been around since the 1970s, and keeps their loyal customers. The Blue Lion is fine dining with a twist, featuring local proteins like elk and bison steak, pheasant, and trout. The Blue Lion also offers catering options or you can reserve the upstairs room for your party.

bride and groom cutting a cake together for their wedding reception celebration at Blue Lion in Jackson Hole captured by Jackson Hole photographers

Wherever you go, your dinner in Jackson Hole is going to be a luxurious experience for your wedding or elopement! And if you’re looking for more guidance and some amazing work from the friendliest of Jackson Hole photographers, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I’d love to work with you.

bride and groom entering their reception in a private room in a local steakhouse for their Teton wedding with Jackson Hole photographers

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