Celebrate During Your Utah Elopement

If you’re planning a Utah elopement, you’re probably looking for show-stopping landscape photography. Of course, the ideal time to get photos is at sunset. I have worked with over 100 of eloping couples. In my experience, a common issue is that the elopement timeline doesn’t seem to fit both the sunset photo sesh and a post-ceremony celebration dinner. But have no fear! It’s your Utah elopement photographer back with some life-saving tips for your elopement! Here are a few ideas for making sure your elopement schedule stays right on track.

bride and groom embracing on a top of a mountain in Moab with groom in a tan suit holding his bride's waist as she looks over his shoulder as he kisses her temple with the canyon in the distance captured by Utah elopement photographer


When you’re eloping, you don’t have to feel locked in to a particular schedule of events. Think outside the box! 

To avoid timing issues, consider having a celebration dinner the night before the ceremony (and yes, I can photograph the dinner, too)! This works out so well because after your ceremony, we can hike around the National Park, take photos, and your honeymoon can start right after. If you’d prefer to spend your actual wedding day with your significant other, this type of organization could work well!  

Alternatively, have a late dinner celebration. For this option, couples still plan a two hour photo session at the end of the day. After photos, they meet up with their guests at 9:30pm (sun sets at around 9pm in the Tetons on season) for a late dinner. A late dinner can be really innovative and fun for guests.

bride and groom standing with their officiant in the red rock of Moab for their utah elopement with a large arch behind them captured by Utah elopement photographer
groom standing behind his bride while holdingher hands and smoldering with the sun shining through the caves captured by Utah Elopement photographers
bride and groom exchange rings as the groom puts on the brides gemstone ring during their wedding ceremony in Moab with Utah elopement photographer


Another way to avoid the big photography block is by doing a photo session the day before or day after your ceremony. For example, some brides like to plan a hair and makeup trial the day before the ceremony; this is a great time to add in a portrait session!

I’ve even had some couples do their longer photo session the day before, and include a first look or private vow sharing. That way, they get to enjoy some special moments before the ceremony, just the two of them.

outdoor bridal in Arches National Park wedding photos with bride and groom in a red rock cave kissing captured by Utah elopement photographer
utah elopement photographer captures bridal portraits in Moab with bride and groom in a red rock cave as the bride throws her arms over the grooms shoulders and holds her bouquet to his back and he embraces her waist and leans in
bridal portraits by utah elopement photographer with bride and groom embracing in a crevice of a large red rock mountain


What I’m trying to say is that the options are endless! When you work with me, I am happy to accommodate whatever schedule works best for the two of you. I can’t wait to work with you on your Utah elopement! Get in touch and let’s get started!

outdoor wedding pictures in Moab with bride and groom standing under a big Arch and kissing as the wind blows the brides veil captured by Utah elopement photographer

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