5 Things To Consider When Planning Your Elopement

I have been a part of countless wedding days as a Utah & Wyoming Elopement Photographer. Along the way I have learned a thing or two when it comes to planning these special milestone events. Actually, I have learned a whole lot about planning an intimate wedding or elopement, which is why I double as a planner for my couples I photograph. So, if you are wanting an amazing elopement experience and beautiful photos of your wedding day, let me help you get started!

These are the first 5 thing to consider with your partner when planning your Elopement.


One big reason that might have drawn you to eloping in the first place is having a pretty backdrop for your day without having all the fuss that comes with a big wedding venue. You probably also want somewhere you can share an intimate moment for your vows and have a good time too. So for a stunning elopement setting and an amazing experience, Location is everything! Take your time to get it right. When planning an intimate wedding or elopement you definitely have more freedom on where you tie the knot. I suggest starting your search by considering a meaningful spot, or a destination on your bucket list, like a national park! Of course, I recommend you take a look into Jackson Hole for a breathtaking Teton mountain adventure or Moab, Utah for the stunning desert views.

Elopement Day Itinerary

The best part of planning your Wyoming elopement? There are zero rules on what your day looks like! Your wedding day is centered on YOU, and when you elope that is even more true. You get to decide how you celebrate this milestone together! Want to have a slow morning, drinking coffee and snuggling in bed before getting ready together? Go for it! Or maybe you want to explore and hike all day, that is perfect! Together, talk about how you want your wedding day to look and feel.

Meaningful Touches

The best wedding photos are the ones that bring memories and emotions to mind. And my favorite way to do this is by adding sentimental touches to your day. I have found that when couples incorporate special objects into their wedding day, it adds so much! And those special things become heirlooms that you will pass on for generations to come. Another way to add a meaningful touch is to carve out time in your day to share a special moment together. For example, play your song and share your first dance as the sun goes down or have a relaxed schedule so you have some time to just explore and maybe skip rocks on the lake. Adding meaningful touches will make the biggest difference for your day.

Bride and groom skipping rocks on the lake at sunset on their Teton mountian elopement day.

The After Party

Just because you are eloping, doesn’t mean you can’t have a little party afterwards! This is a big day, no matter how big or small (or nonexistent) your wedding party is. So, how do you want to celebrate? Pop some champagne, dance the night away, have a beautiful dinner, go star gazing? The options are truly endless! With so many amazing dining options and stunning views, you are sure to find the perfect spot to celebrate!

Documenting It All!

Now that you have talked with your partner about your wedding day, how you want the day to look and the meaningful touches to add. It is time to decide how you want to preserve these memories so that you can share them with those you love and enjoy them for decades to come. Consider how you want your wedding album to look, as well as the memories you want to hold onto. Are you wanting photos of the early excitement when getting ready? A first look? Or maybe your celebration afterwards? Whatever you want, we can make it happen!

The greatest way to document and preserve your memories is through photography and videography (I have a videographer associate too). You will be able to relive these memories yourself and share your wedding day with those you love. Let’s chat and talk about how I can best help you plan and capture your elopement day.

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