Add Meaning To Your Wedding Day

As a Jackson Hole wedding photographer I have had the privilege of witnessing some of the most sentimental moments on wedding days. I know that although we all want tender moments and memories throughout our wedding, sometimes it’s hard to think of how to add meaning to your wedding day. These just a few of my favorite ways to add meaning to your wedding day, with little to no stress before your wedding!

bride and groom in Jackson Hole kissing in front of an old barn with the Tetons in the background

Family Heirlooms

Including your family and culture links you to past generations and family roots. This can add so much meaning to your wedding day! I have loved the many ways I have seen Jackson Hole weddings incorporate their family heirlooms. Some brides wear jewelry from generations past, others hold onto a pendant or handkerchief as they walk down the aisle. No matter how you incorporate your family heirloom, it will surely add meaning to your wedding!

Write Wedding Letters

One of my favorite ways to add meaning to your wedding day is through hand written letters! Leading up to your wedding day have both you and your fiancé write each other a letter. You can make it a simple love note, promises and vows to each other, or use other prompts. Then the morning of your wedding, read your letters in private or to each other during a first look. These letters become a beautiful sentiment to your wedding day and will be valued for years to come!

Wedding Fragrance

Our smell has the ability to tie us to memories that we otherwise may not remember. By having a special wedding fragrance you will be able to transport back to your wedding day anytime you smell that scent. Wear your wedding fragrance on anniversaries, when you look through your wedding album, or just when you want to be reminded of you wedding day and all the meaningful moments from that day!

Add Meaning To Your Wedding With Music

A great way to add meaning to your wedding is through music! Carry a Bluetooth speaker to play music during all the special moments like your first dance or ceremony. You can even create a special playlist for your wedding day. Full of love songs that the two of you adore. As a Jackson Hole wedding photographer I always carry a speaker in my camera bag to play music as we take photos! I find it makes taking photos more fun and relaxing.

I can’t wait to see how you add meaning to your wedding day! No matter how you decided to add those special touches one thing is for sure. They will add sentiment and create a timeless wedding that you will love to look back on for years to come!

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