Make The Most Of Rainy Day Photos In The Tetons

As a Jackson Hole wedding photographer I have learned a lot about the Grand Tetons. And one thing is for sure, the weather is always changing! You never know when a rain storm will roll in, especially in the Spring of later Fall. And occasionally, you will have a summer thunder storm. So, how do you make the most of rainy day photos in the Tetons? Have the right wedding photographer! Here is all that I do to make sure your wedding photos turn out, no matter the and white wedding picture of bride and groom under umbrellas on their wedding day during their ceremony

Rainy Day Photos In The Tetons | What Do I Do?

A lot of my clients plan their Grand Teton wedding from across the country. Making it a destination wedding full of new adventures and beauty. With that, you more that likely can’t reschedule your entire wedding day because of bad weather. That’s where I come in to help!

One Session A Day

A lot of wedding photographers will schedule multiple sessions in one day. As this may help the photographer book more sessions, and make more money, I chose to only book one session a day. I never over schedule simply because we never know how the weather will be months, or even a few weeks in advance. If you end up needing rainy day photos in the Tetons, I want to have the entire day to work with!

A great example of this was a wedding I shot a few months ago. Originally my couple was going to have a sunset wedding. But leading up to the day of, the weather forecast was predicting thunderstorms that evening. We moved up their wedding photos to a morning session. And their Grand Teton wedding photos turned out beautiful!

bride and groom holding hands and walking to the camera with their bridal party behind them in a green field

bride with her bridesmaids for their outdoor wedding in the Tetons posing together with their bridal bouquets

Knowing The Area

In addition to only planning one session a day, I have taken the time to understand and know the weather patterns and storm systems in the Tetons. With experience I have learned the direction of wind currents and the direction that the storms roll. With that I will always be able to find a break in the rain to get sunny beautiful photos.


If worse comes to worse and your entire wedding day is full of rain, do not stress! I have all the appropriate and required equipment to capture your love story in the rain. I always come completely prepared for any circumstance or weather. Some of my all time favorite Grand Teton wedding images have been from rainy wedding days!

rainy wedding day in the Grand Tetons with bride in a denim jacket kissing her groom as they walk up a hill together.

Mason & Casey’s Rainy Day Photos In The Tetons

For their anniversary Mason and Casey decided that they would take a trip to the Grand Tetons. While there they wanted to get some anniversary photos, since they never got real wedding photos. This would be their first trip into the Tetons and were so excited for the adventure!

Because they had never been to the Grand Tetons before I was able to help them plan their trip. I gave them all of my favorite places to eat, best hikes, and lodging. I love getting to help my couples with my recommendations for the area. This way you don’t have to rely on outdated reviews or spend hours researching the area!

Anniversary Session

The weekend of their anniversary was rainy throughout. Luckily they still had pretty good visibility of the Tetons! Mason and Casey were so relax and flexible, so we were able to chase the sunshine and get some amazing photos for their anniversary session! This helped us to be able to get a wide variety of shots and find the best spots for good visibility. Even in the rain, the Tetons are spectacular!

It was my anniversary that weekend too, so my husband joined me for this session. It was so much fun riding through the park with Mason and Casey! We all got along so well, it was like we had been friends for years. The guys connected over hunting. I connected with Casey over just about everything else!  Mason mentioned that he wasn’t looking forward to photos, but it ended up being like a guided tour with friends.

Rainy day photos in the Tetons are really what you make of them! I love getting to capture your love story no matter the weather. Reach out and let’s plan your Grand Teton photo session!

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