What To Look For In An Elopement Photographers Packages

When it comes to your wedding day, you should do exactly what you want. And if that means travelling for an epic elopement, then go for it! As a Jackson Hole elopement photographer I love to take my couples on adventures and create an once in a life time experience. However, every elopement photographer is different. Here is what to consider when looking at elopement photographers packages so you get the wedding day of your dreams!
bride walking over a bridge in the Tetons at Momon Row as she looks over her shoulder to smile at the camera

Is Your Photographer Up For An Adventure?

The biggest perk of having a National Park elopement is that exploration! I love adventures, filling my lungs with fresh air and going the distance to find the perfect secluded backdrop. That is why I am a Jackson Hole wedding and elopement photographer! But not every photographer will want to explore. A lot of the time “adventure sessions” come at an extra cost, as an add-on in the elopement photographers packages.

Do They Help Your Plan?

Elopements can get as pricey as a big wedding. Finding an elopement photographer who will help you plan saves you money and gives you so many great resources! I personally love to help my couples plan their elopement in Jackson Hole because of my knowledge of the area. Here is how I help my couples plan their elopement!

I always begin by sending my Planning Checklist, which includes vendors, tips, locations, park permits and more! Then we schedule a planning session. There I help plan out your custom wedding day timeline, give you additional information for park permits, and discuss vendors and booking. Usually by the end of our call you are completely ready for you wedding day! I later follow up as your elopement date gets closer to ease an concerns and make sure I am doing everything I can for your day to run smoothly.

Photo Album & Prints

Preserving your wedding day with photography is a wonderful way to begin your wedding photo album. Your wedding album will be a piece that you will adore for years to come as you pull it out at every anniversary, share it with your children and grandchildren. It is an investment in an heirloom that will be passed down through generations of time. It is truly such a special item!

Some elopement photographers packages include a wedding album, others will offer it as an add-on. When purchasing your wedding album and prints through your elopement photographer you will receive a high quality of photos in terms of color and pixels. I offer high quality prints, wedding albums, wooden and glass boxes of loose prints and so much more. I love that I get to provide you with items that will be cherished in your family for generations to come!

Hours Of Coverage In Elopement Photographers Packages

Every elopement is so different! What you value, are planning for your big day and who you are bringing with you will all play a role in the number of hours you need to plan to have an elopement photographer. Here are my recommendations for hours of wedding photography depending on your needs.

These are the most important items to look for in elopement photographers packages. However, before you start your search I recommend you consider what you want you elopement to look like and how you want to remember it. This will help you narrow down the perfect photography package for you! Reach out and let’s chat more about your elopement!

black and white wedding image of bride and groom kissing and embracing each other at Oxbow Bend for their wedding photos with the GR and Tetons behind them and reflecting in the water

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