How Many Hours Of Wedding Photography Do I Need?

Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime experience! And because of that you deserve to have every moment captured. But how many hours of wedding photography will you need for that? It may be difficult to judge the amount of time you should hire your wedding photographer for, simply because you have never done this before. But as a seasoned Jackson Hole wedding photographer, I am giving you my recommendations so that you don’t have to guess!
bride and groom dancing in a meadow in the Grand Tetons on their wedding day as they hike through the trails

Getting Ready Photos – 1 Hour

You will want at least an hour (30 minutes for both the bride and groom) to capture moments as you are finishing getting ready. In addition, we will also take this time for some detail shots of your dress, rings, handwritten vows and so on. However, if you are wanting a more in depth getting ready photoshoot it can take up to 3 hours. This would include flatlays, detail shots, hair and makeup, ironing suit coats, toasting beers or campaign, reading private letters, and so much more!

First Look – 30 Minutes

A first look typically takes about 15 to 30 minutes. We will find the perfect intimate and gorgeous spot, then capture you walking up to your groom, as well as his reaction! These can be such tender moments and make for really emotional wedding photos. Some couples opt to have a private vow reading at this time, or take wedding portraits at their first look location.

Ceremony – 2 Hours

A wedding ceremony in Jackson Hole is only about 15-2o minutes. So why would you need 2 hours of wedding photography? Before your wedding ceremony I will capture the location and any seating or decor you have set up, and then after we will take lots of photos in that location! Usually I will have you pose with family and friends that attend, then we will have celebration photos with everyone there. After that we will take the rest of the time for capture your love story through bridals in your ceremony spot.

Hiking Into A Location – Depending

Hiking can take up a lot of your wedding day. Along the way we will stop off to take photos in the different scenic locations of Jackson Hole. This way you get a good variety in your gallery of backdrops, locations and poses. Typically an easier hike of 1-2 miles will take about 4 hours. And if you are looking for a longer more adventurous hike, I recommend booking a Full Day package. These hikes are longer and more difficult, so we will really take time to enjoy the journey!

Photo Session – Depending

How many hours of wedding photography you will need for your photo session will depend on what you are wanting. Ideally we will spend about an hour per location. A lot of my couples love to road trip around the park to get multiple options. This is a super fun way to learn more about the place your are getting married, as I share all I know about the area as I guide you through. As well as add more variety to your gallery!

bride and groom embracing on the top of a mountain in the Grand Tetons for their wedding photos with the bright bue water of a lake behind them

Grand Teton bridals with bride facing away from the camera toward the mountain with her arms in the air out of excitement

Celebratory Dinner/Reception – 2-4 Hours

Each wedding is different. You may want to have a simple and intimate dinner, which will only take an hour of photography. Or you may want to have a cake cutting, a first dance, and toasts. Also consider what details you want captured. Your table settings, decor, florals, cake and all those other detail make up a special part of your wedding day. These are all things to consider when planning how man hours of wedding photography you will need.

Hours Of Wedding Photography – Let’s Talk About It!

You deserve to have all the important moment captured! This is something that I am passionate about as a Jackson Hole wedding photographer. And because of that I want to give you exactly what you want for your wedding day photos. Let’s chat about the most important parts of your wedding day and create a custom timeline together!

Jackson Hole bride photo ideas with bride facing away from the camera towards the mountains as her veil blows in the wind

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