Plan Special Moments For Your Wedding Day

As a Jackson Hole wedding photographer I am a firm believer that you deserve to have special moments throughout your wedding day. And let me tell you, sometimes you have plan it to make it happen! Ultimately, you are in charge of you wedding day experience. And I am here to capture the memories and moments that will stay with you for a life time! Here are some easy ideas to plan special moments for your wedding day.

Grand Teton National Park elopement with bride and groom walking through a river bed with the mountains in the background

Getting Ready

As a bride you will find that there are so many special moments that happen while you are getting ready the morning of your wedding. From your sister helping with your hair and makeup, to your mom zipping up the back of your wedding dress. Even just relaxing with your bridesmaids as you sip mimosas in your bridal suite. These moments are beautiful, candid and deserve to be documented!

You can plan special moments for your wedding day that happen while getting ready. Maybe that’s having all of your bridesmaids make individual toasts, or reading a tender letter to your mom. These sentimental moments can be tied into your time getting ready.

First Look

One of my favorite parts of any wedding is the first time the groom sees his bride! And when you separate that from the wedding ceremony, it makes the moment even more sentimental. When you plan special moments for your wedding day, it is okay to have those moments be in private. And having a first look in private before the ceremony will just amplify the emotions you feel together.

groom having a first look with his bride in Jackson Hole right before their ceremony

groom with his arms around his brides waist and kissing her cheek in the Grand Tetons

Private Prayer Or Vow Reading

So many of my Jackson Hole brides and grooms have some sort of spiritual background. With that I have seen how sacred a wedding day can become when the bride and groom take the time to have a private prayer together. Whether it is before the wedding ceremony, or right after, this is an incredibly special moment that grounds the couple while bringing them together.

Similar to a private prayer is a private vow reading! Some couples opt to write their vows before their wedding day, while others do it the morning other. Either way, take a moment before you wedding ceremony to be alone and read your vows to one another. Being alone giving you the opportunity to be incredibly venerable with each other.

Pop The Champagne!

It’s almost a requirement as a Jackson Hole wedding photographer to love a good champagne pop! After you say your “I-dos” pop the champagne and celebrate that you are finally married. This is a super fun way to party after your ceremony. And the pictures always turn out so cool!

First Dance

Whether you are planning a larger wedding in Jackson Hole, or a Jackson Hole elopement, you deserve to have a first dance. And there are so many ways to go about it! If your wedding is more intimate and small, then consider having a private first dance in a field together. This can be done as part of your bridal session, so we make the most of your time! Or dance together at your reception surrounded by all your favorite people! This is a way to plan special moments for your wedding day that is both traditional and romantic.

Intimate Dinner

Invite your wedding party to have dinner with your after your wedding ceremony. You can rent a private room or deck for a more personal experience. Have toasts as well as a cake cutting to round out the wedding day expereince! It’s a way to have the most important parts of a reception, without spending all the time and money that goes into one. Here are my top 11 picks for celebratory dinner in Jackson Hole!


Get Drinks Together

There are some awesome local bars in Jackson Hole! Head out to your favorite one, I have some suggestions if needed, and get drinks together. Take the time to unwind and relax together while chatting about your favorite parts of your wedding day. This is a super low key and enjoyable way to end your wedding day.

Plan Special Moments For Your Wedding Day & Forever

What do you want to remember from your wedding day? Is it the way your groom teared up when he saw you for the first time. Or maybe its the way your dad made everyone laugh when he gave a toast at your reception dinner. These are the special moments that you will want to share with those you love. These are the memories that you want to show your children and future generations. And with a wedding album you can do just that!

That’s what wedding photography does for you. Making these moments in time, as well as all the emotions that are tied to them, last forever. Let me know, as your Jackson Hole wedding photographer, what moments matter most! We will plan your day to include them all and I will capture them and preserve them into a beautiful heirloom album.

Reach out and let’s plan your Jackson Hole wedding day and all the special moments you can’t wait to have!

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