Save Money On Your Jackson Hole Elopement

Your Jackson Hole elopement doesn’t have to be expensive. Seriously! I’ve gotten to see so many budget-friendly alternatives during my time as a Jackson Hole elopement photographer. Actually, spending less can actually mean you have more fun and richer experiences with your guests.

I want you to feel like you have the best marriage ever, regardless of how much you spend. So, here are my curated tips for an elopement on a budget! 

jackson hole photographers captures romantic wedding pictures in Grand Tetons with bride and groom kissing as the sun shines over the mountains in the distance

Replace Your Venue

In lieu of a formal wedding venue, host your elopement in the grand scenery outdoors! Jackson Hole has so many hikes with beautiful vistas for your ceremony. Whether it’s just you and the fiancee, or you with a small party, a hike can be a great way to bond before you say “I do.”

bride and groom hodling hands and saying their vows for their Grand Teton wedding with their officiant next to Snake River during their summer wedding captured by  Jackson Hole photographers

Skip Catering Fees 

Instead of paying for catering, take your elopement party to a romantic dinner instead. Need some advice? Click here for my list of recommendations for dinner in Jackson Hole. 

black and white image of bride and groom toasting at their Jackson Hole celebratory dinner

Make Your Own Bouquet

Save money on floral arrangements by arranging grocery store flowers, wildflowers, or a mix of both! Florals are such an easy way to save money, and honestly, no one will notice the difference. Save even more by buying flowers that are in season. 

wedding bouquet made of blush florals in a white ribbon arranged by Jackson Hole photographers

Find an Affordable Wedding Dress

If you’re not in a position to pay for a custom-made dress, there are a lot of alternatives! If you have a rental shop near you, you can always rent a dress. Or, buy a dress second-hand! There are Facebook groups and other online forums where you can buy digitally, or you can head to a second-hand shop. You may be surprised what you can find for less than $100.

Check out my tips for an elopement dress here before you go shopping!

bride in a lace wedding dress posing in a field for her grant teton wedding with her jackson hole photographers
jackson hole photographers captures bride standing next to string lake in her bridal gown with her lace train spread on the sand for her grand teton wedding

Stick to your Budget

If you haven’t already, discuss your budget with your partner (and with your parents, if they’ll be helping out with your Jackson Hole elopement). Once you have a clear budget set, stick to it! I would recommend prioritizing the most important parts of the wedding for the biggest part of your budget. 

For example, if the hotel/accommodations are really important to you, spend big there! Be prepared to compromise in the other categories. 

wedding portraits for grand teton wedding captured by jackson hole photographers with bride and groom holding hands and walking beside a river with the Tetons in the distance as the sun begins to set

Hire the Right Jackson Hole Elopement Photographer

You’ll definitely need a reasonably priced elopement photographer for your event. I would love to help! Unlike other Jackson Hole photographers, I also offer services as a wedding planner! I’ll help you plan your event and give all my best recommendations for the area. I’ve been around here so much, I know all the secrets and I’m ready to share ‘em!

bride hugging her groom as he picks her up on a rock in the tetons with a bright blue lae behind them for their wyoming elopement pictures with jackson hole photographers

So, your Jackson Hole elopement doesn’t have to be expensive or stressful. Let me help you plan your perfect day and get the elopement photos of your dreams! Reach out to me here and let’s see how I can help!

jackson hole elopement with bride adn groom standing next to a lake in the grand tetons with groom holding brides head and kissing her forehead as she smiles with her eyes closed with the water in the distance and beyond that the forest

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