Jackson Hole Wedding Planner

So many of my couples come to have a Jackson Hole destination wedding from out of state. And so many of those have never even been to Wyoming before! When having a destination wedding in Wyoming you may just need a little help from a Jackson Hole wedding planner. As a wedding and elopement photographer I have helped dozen of couples plan their wedding in Wyoming, in addition to photographing their love story. Here is how I serve you as a Jackson Hole wedding photographer and planner.

Jackson Hole Wedding Planner & Photographer

I began as a Jackson Hole wedding photographer, capturing unique imagery of your wedding day while showcasing the beauty of Wyoming. However, as my experience grew I realized that so many of my couples needed an expert in the area. An expert to guide them on planning their dream day. And since I have visited and worked in Jackson Hole for about a decade, I have plenty of knowledge to share!

With the apparent need for a wedding planner as well as a photographer, my services evolved. I now include wedding planning during my calls with each of my couples. Assisting in planning timelines, giving recommendations for the area and offering ideas to make your wedding day the best day of your life!

Wedding Timeline

The timeline of your wedding day is crucial to giving you the full Jackson Hole wedding experience! Obviously, we want to center it all around your ceremony. But, we also want to have enough time to hit all the must see spots while at Jackson Hole for your wedding photos.

Before your wedding, we will chat on the phone about your timeline. When you have your officiant scheduled, different locations you want photos from, celebration dinner/reception plans. Since I have been part of so many weddings and elopements in the area, I have a good idea of how long each event will take as well as the time it will take to drive from one location to another!

Jackson Hole Wedding Vendors

Whether you are having an intimate elopement or full wedding, you will need a recommendation list of vendors. I have worked with countless officiants and other vendors in the area over the years, and will give you the names of the best! My personal recommendations have a high standard to fulfill with their services, professionalism and kindness. Ensuring you only have the best experience!

In addition to wedding vendor recommendations, as a Jackson Hole wedding planner I offer my knowledge in other areas of your wedding day. From your ceremony location, to your wedding celebration dinner, you have a lot of decisions to make! I will share with your my insider tips and personal recommendations for the area.

Jackson Hole Wedding Photography

My primary role will always be to capture your love in a way that will allow you to relive your wedding for decades to come! And doubling as a wedding planner helps me to do just that! Getting to plan along side you for photo locations and times. As well as revolving your day around meaningful moments. Being a wedding photographer is even better when wedding planning!

I would be honored to be a part of your Jackson Hole wedding day! Reach out so we can connect!

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