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Sometimes you just can’t wait to get married! And that is why as a Jackson Hole wedding photographer I do all I can to make getting married in just a few weeks as easy as possible. From my vendor recommendations, to my knowledge of the area. I know the ins and outs of getting married in Jackson! So when Sarah and Andrew were planning to get married in just three weeks from when reached out to me, I was so excited to help their dreams come true!

black and white wedding picture of bride and groom hugging and kissing on a lake

Sarah & Andrew

I adore getting to know my couples and learning what makes their relationship special. Sarah and Andrew have such a cute love story that I just have to share! Andrew’s brother’s wife is Sarah’s best friend. She had been trying to set up Sarah and Andrew for years, but things never worked out. Then once Sarah decided to take a break from dating and work on herself, things started to pick up! Her best friend decided to play match maker again and gave Andrew Sarah’s number.

They made plans to go on a date, but after a couple awkward dates they became best friends. Sarah had just bought and old home, so Andrew would go over and help her remodel and do some heavy lifting. After renovating together, sparks started to fly and they moved in together. Which led to their proposal were Andrew surprised Sarah on a spontaneous visit to a local park with a waterfall and bridge!

bride and groom walking awat from the camera towards the mountains in the distance as they hold hands and clingy close to each other
cloudy wedding day in Jackson Hole with bride laughing as groom stands next to her captured by Jackson Hole wedding photographer
detail shot of an engagement ring as the bride holds her hand by the side of her lace gown
elopement in Jackson Hole with bride and groom dancing in a field as they gaze into each others eyes captured by Jackson Hole wedding photographer

Jackson Hole Wedding Planning

Andrew and Sarah didn’t really think much of a wedding. The idea of a big wedding did not sound fun to them, so they decided to elope. In addition, Sarah said she didn’t want to wait any longer! They started looking around Yellowstone and reached out to me 3 weeks before their date. Everything fell into place with me being available, Sarah found the perfect dress that needed no alterations, and they found an officiant with my help. Everything seemed so meant to be!

As your Jackson Hole wedding photographer I will do so much more than just take your pictures. I will help with planning your timeline, finding your vendors, and giving all my recommendations for lodging food and activities. I offer this as a way to serve you and make your wedding day less stressful. This way if you are like Sarah and Andrew and just can’t wait to get married, you will be able to elope in no time at all!

bride holding her grooms face and smiling as he holds her around the waist with a lake, treeline and mountains in the distance
bride and groom stand together next to a lake in Jackson Hole with the Tetons in the distance photographed by Jackson Hole wedding photographers
bride and groom kissing passionately while at string lake in Jackson Hole capture by elopement photographer

Wedding Day Photography

We started the day at Spring Creek Ranch Hotel as Sarah and Andrew got ready from their wedding. Sarah got dolled up with professional hair and make up from Tanya Luxury Hair & Makeup. Tanya has an amazing team of stylists and is one of the more popular stylists in the area for weddings. Once everyone was ready we had their first look right outside of the hotel.

groom in a black suit adjusting his tie before his ceremony in the Tetons
bride and grooms first look together outside of Spring Creek Ranch hotel
groom holding his brides hands while looking at her dress for their first look together documented by Jackson Hole wedding photographers
first look with bride and groom outside of Spring Creek Ranch

Next, we hopped around the park for a photo session before the ceremony. It began to lightly rain while photographing, which I love! As a Jackson Hole wedding photographer I embrace the weather during your session. I have been working in Jackson Hole for years now, and I have a pretty good idea of weather patterns and the storm system there. But, if the day calls for rain the best thing we can do is embrace it!

bride and groom hold hands while walking together with the valley behind them
bride and groom holding hands while walking through the woods together for their Jackson Hole wedding

Jackson Hole Wedding Ceremony

By the time we got to the Wedding Tree for their ceremony, it was raining quite hard. We pulled out umbrellas and chose to fully enjoy the moment! However, by the time the ceremony began, the rain fell to sprinkle. This was perfect, as it was easy for Sarah and Andrew to hear each other during their vows. And in the end Sarah said that the rain added to the magic of it all!

Reach to plan your Jackson Hole wedding? Reach out and let’s chat!

wedding tree ceremony in Jackson Hole with bride and groom holding clear umbrellas
outdoor bridal photos taken by Jackson Hole wedding photographer of bride and groom embracing each other in front of the mountains for their outdoor wedding

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