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Every elopement day has a totally different timeline. Some couples just want to meet up for a quick ceremony and photos, while other are excited to document the entire day. I definitely recommend the latter, even for an elopement! Although you are eloping, you will still have so many sweet moments leading up to and after your ceremony. You deserve to have those moment documented to cherish for a life time! As a Jackson Hole wedding photographer I want to share with you an example of what your Jackson Hole photographers timeline may look like!

bride and groom holding hands and walking through the woods in the Tetons while the sun shines through the trees onto them captured by Jackson hole photographers

Dana & Justin

Before we hop into the timeline of their wedding day, I have to share a little bit about Justin and Dana. These two may just have the cutest love story I have ever heard! They met in junior high and connected over music. They both enjoyed rock music, unlike their peers who leaned towards hip hop. With this similar interest they connected quickly and began to exchange CDs and burn mixes for each other. They remained as close friends until they began dating at the end of high school.

Jackson Hole photographers capture bride and groom standing outside of an old barn at Mormon Row on a cloudy and romantic wedding day

For their tenth anniversary Justin and Dana decided to take a trip to a quiet, sleepy beach town. They live in Florida, so this was a quick trip close to home. When Justin proposed Dana was so excited, but also shocked that he proposed with her dream ring! She had been pointing out this ring for years at this point. So that fact that he was able to get his hands on meant the world to Dana!

bridal bouquet with blush florals and wedding rings

Jackson Hole Photographers Timeline

Before your elopement I will send you a questionnaire to help me get to know you. As well as having a phone call together to discuss how I can best serve you and create your Jackson Hole elopement photographers timeline. As a Jackson Hole wedding photographer I serve you by putting together your timeline, giving any advice or ideas that may make your wedding day even more special.

Through their questionnaire and our phone call I got to know some personal details about Dana’s family, and we were able to brainstorm some ways to honor her loved ones who wouldn’t be able to make it. By taking the time to share their lives with me through a questionnaire, I was able to better connect with this couple. Making it so natural to love and serve them genuinely!

bride and groom kissing in a field with the Tetons behind them as a fog rolls in taken by Jackson Hole photographers
bride and groom embracing in the Grand Tetons on a cloudy day photographed by Jackson Hole photographers

The Morning Of The Jackson Hole Elopement

I started the day by doing some flatlay photos for Dana and Justin. I love these photos as they are such a beautiful was to commemorate the day! Taking a few meaningful details and laying them together in a beautiful design gives a snapshot of your wedding day style. In addition, one of Dana’s requests was to get a few photos of her engagement ring, so I was sure to include those in her flatlays!

wedding flatlay with wedding invites, roses, rings and other details

I also threw together a quick DIY wedding bouquet for Dana. There have been some floral shortages since Covid, making the price of bouquets quite high! And since I have made bouquets for multiple brides before this, I felt confident in arranging flowers from the grocery store. And they turned out beautifully!

wedding bouquet made of blush florals in a white ribbon arranged by Jackson Hole photographers

First Look

After some meaningful getting ready photos with Dana and her mom, we headed out to get Justin and Dana’s first look. This was part of the day that they were both super excited about, so I had to make it special for them! We picked a beautiful spot off the side of the road and hikes up into the trees. The winds were super high, about 30 mph. Although the winds were high, they just added to the session. Creating a dramatic feel, as well as some cool blurry images.

groom in all black Johnny Cash inspired wedding attire in the woods of the Tetons
grooms first look with his bride in the forrest of the Grand Tetons by Jackson Hole photographers
bride and groom hugging each other in a field in the mountains for their first look in Jackson Hole wedding
bride smiling and laughing with her groom in the woods for their Jackson Hole wedding
Jackson Hole wedding in the woods with bride adn groom holding each other and looking at the mountains in the distance


After their first look, I took Dana and Justin to String Lake for some bridal photos. Which turned out beautifully! Then it was time for the best part of the day, their ceremony. We chose to have the ceremony at Schwabacher Landing. Dana’s parents met us there and her dad walked her down the natural aisle. It was filled with wonderful moments that I feel honored to have been able to capture.

bride's father walking her down the aisle to her groom in the Tetons for her Jackson Hole wedding venue
groom reading his vows at Schwabacher landing wedding ceremony photographed by Jackson Hole photographers
bride in a long sleeve floral lace wedding dress holding hands withe her groom who is dressed in all black as their officiant marries them
bride reading her vows at her Jackson HOle wedding ceremony in the woods
groom putting on his bride's wedding ring during his wedding ceremony in Jackson Hole

After their ceremony I stuck around to capture some more meaningful moments of celebration, as well to get a few detail shots of Justin’s wedding attire. He is a welder by profession, so he wore a bolo tie with a welding helmet on it. In addition he had went for an all black look with silver collar tips for a Johnny Cash inspired wedding look!

groom fixing his bolo tie and looking downwards in the woods

A Jackson Hole photographers timeline will look different for every wedding. However, I personally love to document as much of you wedding day as I can! This way when you look back at your wedding photos, they are more than just some pretty pictures. Your wedding photos will tell the story of your day. Ready to book your Jackson Hole wedding photographer? Reach out and let’s do this thing!

groom holding his brides head while kissing her head and she holds his torso at String lake for their Jackson Hole wedding photographed by Jackson Hole photographers
bride and groom kissing each other at a lake in the Tetons for a Jackson Hole wedding photographer
groom smiling at his bride as he caresses her cheeks with the Tetons behind them and a lake
outdoor wedding photos taken by Jackson Hole photographers with groom kissing his brides cheek as she smiles
outdoor barn wedding in the Tetons photographed by Jackson Hole photographers with bride and groom embracing outside of a barn in the mountains
forest wedding pictures in the mountains with bride and groom holding hands and walking down a dirt path for their outdoor wedding day
bride and groom holding a bottle of champagne together while kissing in celebration

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