Questions To Ask Your Jackson Hole Wedding Photographer Before Booking

Booking your wedding photographer is a big deal! After all, this is the person that will be capturing every happy tear, candid smile and precious memory from your wedding day. You deserve to have an understanding of their work as well as trust with them. Here are questions to ask your Jackson Hole wedding photographer before booking to ensure that you are a good match!

Jackson Hole wedding elopement with groom dipping his bride back and kissing her with the Grand Teton mountains in the distance

Experience In Location

There are many destination wedding photographers that travel the country to capture weddings. Although many are excellent photographers, many lack the experience in that specific location. As a Jackson Hole wedding photographer I am an expert in the area. This has come with years of experience! Before I was a photographer I worked a summer job in Jackson, visited the Grand Tetons with family and really got to explore the area.

And now, as a Jackson Hole photographer I use all my experience and knowledge of the location to deliver only the best spots for you to have in your photographs. As well, I have taken the time to understand and know the weather patterns and storm systems in the Tetons. With experience I have learned the direction of wind currents and the direction that the storms roll. With that I will always be able to find a break in the rain to get sunny beautiful photos.

bride standing in a field in Jackson Hole with the mountains in the distance as she holds her wedding florals and smiles captured by Jackson Hole wedding photographer
bride standing behind her groom as she holds his shoulder and leans into his while the groom looks back at her with the mountains of the Grand Tetons behind them

Vendor Recommendations

In addition to asking your wedding photographer about their experience in the location, consider asking about their vendor recommendations. Any wedding photographer that has been in the industry for a decent amount of time will have a recommendation list of vendors that they have personally worked with.

This can include recommendations for beyond the wedding! Many don’t think of this when considering questions to ask your Jackson Hole wedding photographer before booking, but it is totally worth it! Your photographer may just have the best recommendations for food, lodging and honeymoon spots.

bride holding her arms around the groom's shoulders as the groom holds her waist and they kiss while the sun shines over them in Jackson Hole
wedding ceremony under a tree in the Grand Tetons with Jackson Hole wedding photographer with bride adn groom reading their vows together


Always ask your photographer, no matter for a wedding or for family photos, about their delivery. This is how you get your wedding photos and in what form they will be delivered. Here are some specific questions to consider when it comes to your gallery’s delivery.

Do you offer 48 hour Sneak Peeks?

What is your turn around time?

How many images will be included in my digital gallery? Do I get to pick those images? How much for additional images?

What products do you offer? Canvas? Album? What is the turn around time for those?

I deliver all digital images to you! I believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between your Jackson Hole wedding photos. Because these are your memories! In addition, I do offer print services for wedding albums so that you can share your images in a quality album with family and friends.

bride adn groom embracing and kissing on a lake in the Grand Tetons with the forest behind the lake and the mountains further in the distance captured by Jackson Hole wedding photographer
Jackson Hole wedding photographer photographs bride adn groom walking together through the woods of the Tetons with the bride ahead of the groom and looking back to him

Back Up System

As I said before, your wedding photographer will be capturing every memory from your wedding day. Of all the questions to ask your Jackson Hole wedding photographer before booking this may just be the most important! Ask about their backup system and how they ensure that your photos will be safe even if a card gets corrupted or a camera dies.

I personally take every measure possible to keep your wedding pictures safe. I bring two cameras with a total of four memory cards, that’s two for each camera. I also save two digital copies to each card. As well as having a hard drive and saving your images to the cloud. I do all this so that you can trust that your Jackson Hole wedding photos are safe with me!

outdoor elopement with bride and groom hugging and holding their foreheads together captured by Jackson Hole wedding photographer

These are just a few of the important questions to ask your Jackson Hole wedding photographer before booking. If you are looking for more advice, reach out! I’d love to chat more about your wedding’s photography!

outdoor wedding photos in the Tetons with groom holding his bride as he stands behind her and holds her photographed by Jackson Hole wedding photographer
bride standing on top of a mountain with a forest beneath her while holding her wedding dress and looking over her shoulders

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