Jackson Hole Destination Wedding

Having a Jackson Hole Destination Wedding may be the best decision you make while wedding planning. With so many beautiful locations for your ceremony and portraits, as well as wonderful resort and restaurants to celebrate at. You will enjoy every moment of your wedding day! That is exactly what Morgan and Kyle did, and I am so grateful that I got to capture it all as their Jackson Hole wedding photographer.

outdoor wedding with bride and groom holding hands as they walk by a wood barn in Jackson Hole

Morgan and Kyle

I absolutely adore Morgan and Kyle for their tenderness and love. They are originally from Tusla, Oklahoma and met at a party. After leaving his number with Morgan’s best friend, Kyle didn’t hear from Morgan. Turns out, her best friend forgot to pass on his number. So Kyle took matters into his own hands and found Morgan on social media. Soon they began dating and exploring parks together. They were hooked on each other!

Morgan and Kyle were drawn to the Tetons simply by passing through once before. While on a road trip, the couple passed through Grand Teton National Park, but couldn’t stop to explore because they had to get back home for work. Since they wanted to fully experience the area, they decided to have a Jackson Hole destination wedding!

Another fun fact to mention with Morgan and Kyle was they they were about 7 months pregnant by their wedding date! They were excited to include her baby bump in the photos to document this new season of life. And decided to not wait to be married after, but rather during!

bride and groom holding hands and walking down a pier while looking at each other in the Grand Tetons
groom hugging his bride while he kisses her cheek as she looks into the sky and smiles while they are in the woods in Jackson Hole
bride facing away from the camera with her wedding dress fanned out behind her in the woods of Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole Destination Wedding Day Photos

Morgan and Kyle got ready separately, as most brides and grooms do. However, they were not planning to have a first look together. Luckily, the mother of the bride mentioned that it may be fun, so we ended up having the sweetest impromptu first look right outside the Snow King Resort.

After their first look at Snow King Resort, we headed over to String Lake for photos. After capturing some really pretty wedding pictures on the water we headed over to Mormon Row. Morgan had mentioned that she really loved this area of the Grand Tetons, so we decided to make their time their extra special.

We started with photos under the trees. I had them say three things that they love about one another. I love doing this with my couples because it gives really genuine reactions and expressions. You can whisper, say them out loud, make them funny or serious. Morgan and Kyle were absolutely kind with each other. They have the sweetest relationship and love for one another, which really showed through in this part of their Jackson Hole destination wedding photos.

bride and groom kissing in a green field in Jackson Hole in front of an old barn at Mormon Row for their summer wedding
groom standing behind his bride and holding her at the hips as her leans down to kiss her head in Jackson Hole destination wedding
Jackson Hole destination wedding with bride and groom holding hands and running through a green field with the mountains in the background

Wedding Ceremony

Afterwards we went over to Beaver’s Pond at Schwabacher’s Landing. This area is really great for wedding ceremonies because the trees form a natural path, creating an aisle with a dramatic entrance. Morgan’s dad walked her down the aisle to where the couple would say their vows. The backdrop was a number of trees that perfectly framed the mountains in the distance with the water reflecting the scene. In addition, there was the perfect glowy light with clouds, which made this spot even more lovely in their wedding photos.

Jackson Hole wedding ceremony near the water of a river at Schwabacher Landing with bride adn groom sharing their vows together


Once the ceremony had concluded the group had a toast and celebrated a little. Morgan and Kyle had such a tight knit group with them on the day of their Jackson Hole destination wedding. As we took photos of the entire group, you could tell just how much everyone loved and adored them. They had the greatest southern charm and biggest hearts.

Everyone went back to Snow King Resort for the dinner celebration. It was much like a reception, where they cut cake and had first dances with their parents. There were so many sweet moments as they celebrated with their favorite people. At the end of the celebration, just as we were leaving it began to downpour, it was the perfect timing to have a good luck rain storm!

Jackson Hole wedding reception with bride and groom cutting a white cake together at their Jackson Hole wedding venue
groom dancing with his mother at his Jackson Hole destination wedding reception
bride and her father dancing at her Jackson Hole wedding reception

It is always such an honor to get to know you and your love story. If you are planning a Jackson Hole destination wedding, reach out! I would love to give my insider tips on the area, as well as capture your big day!

bride and grooms first look together at their Jackson Hole wedding venue
bride adn groom kissing under a forest of trees in Jackson Hole, captured by Jackson Hole wedding photographer

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