First Jackson Hole Wedding Planning Decisions

Working with hundreds of couples over the years as a Jackson Hole wedding photographer, I have learned a lot about wedding planning. In fact, I now double as a Jackson Hole wedding planner, offering vendor recommendations, timeline creation and so much more for my couples! And if there is one piece of advice I can give to a couple planning their big day, it would be this: know your first Jackson Hole wedding planning decisions. By knowing what wedding planning decisions to make first, you will be able to jump into planning with less stress and more confidence. It will also make future decisions easier to make.

outdoor elopement in Jackson Hole with bride and groom kissing for their Jackson Hole wedding in the mountains

Formal Wedding Or Elopement?

Before anything else decide what kind of wedding you are wanting to have. There are pros and cons to both a large celebration and an intimate elopement. But at the end of the day, you have to think about how to want to celebrate your wedding. If that is just the two of your on a mountain top, then elope! But if you want all your favorite people surrounding you in a more formal setting, then opt for a wedding.

groom holding his brides cheeks as he rests his forehead on hers and smiles taken by Jackson Hole wedding photographers
woodland wedding photo with groom holding his bride as the sun shines through the trees overhead
spring wedding in the mountains with bride and groom embracing in a field of yellow flowers

Settle On A Date

Deciding on a date can be intimidating, after all this will be your anniversary for the rest of forever! If you have specific date with great sentiment that you are looking forward to using, then it makes your decision easier. However, it may be more difficult to find vendors with your date available on short notice (less than a year away).

If you do not already have a specific date, then I recommend starting with a season. Then narrow it down to the month that is the least busy for you and your most important guests. Once you have a few dates that could potentially work, bring these options to your wedding venue/ceremony location to solidify your wedding date.

outdoor wedding in Jackson Hole with bride adn groom in the woods as the groom kisses his brides cheek
Grand Teton wedding at Mormon Row in the mountains of Jackson Hole

Wedding Location

Now that you have an idea of when you are getting married, the next of your first Jackson Hole wedding planning decisions is to decide on a location. Whether you are planning to use a venue or one of Grand Teton’s allowed ceremony locations. Be sure to call and check the calendar for your wedding location, and pick an available date that works with your plans.

wedding reception tables with winter foliage and tall white candles
winter wedding table settings for Jackson Hole wedding
bride anda groom sitting down for dinner at the Four Seasons in Jackson Hole with a gorgeous fireplace behind them and greenery and candles decorating the table


Once you have your date and location set in stone, then you are ready to start listing out your wedding vendors. You may also begin to consider your budget with each vendor while you prioritize the importance of each desired vendor. After you have your list, call the vendors who you are most excited to work with to see if they have your wedding date available.

bride and groom cutting their wedding cake at their wedding reception in Jackson Hole

By focussing on these first Jackson Hole wedding planning decisions as soon as you are engaged, you will be able to more fully enjoy the process of planning. You will feel less overwhelmed with the many choices you have to make, and more excited for your big day!

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