Wedding Tree Jackson Hole

It is always such a pleasure to capture your Jackson Hole wedding day. Whether you are planning a larger than life celebration, or an intimate vow reading. You deserve to have photos that will last a life time. That’s why as a Jackson Hole wedding photographer I always give you everything I can to make your day beyond special! Mary and Tanner’s vow reading at Wedding Tree Jackson Hole was no exception! We made an entire day out of their small and simple ceremony, creating timeless memories and images.

Mary & Tanner

Before hopping into the joy of their wedding day, I have to share just a bit about this darling couple. Mary moved to Oklahoma and found out rather quickly that there wasn’t much to do there. So, she decided to take up a second job at Lowes’ Garden Center. This is where she met Tanner. Tanner was such a sweet guy and after fostering a friendship they began to date. Eventually the couple move to Tennessee, bought a house together, and adopted a white german shepherd. Who later helped Tanner with a Proposal!

Why Wedding Tree Jackson Hole?

Neither Mary or Tanner wanted a large wedding. Which I find true for a lot of my couples! There is something so intimate and beautiful about having a ceremony with just the two of you. And, like many of my couples, the most important thing for Mary and Tanner were timeless photos that told their story. They began to research some of the nations most stunning National Parks and decided on a Grand Tetons wedding since they had never been before and were ready for an adventurous honeymoon!

Jackson Hole Wedding Planner

As a Jackson Hole wedding photographer I have always enjoyed helping my couples plan their trip. Especially for couples like Mary and Tanner, who have never been before. And a big part of wedding planning is creating a timeline. And even when eloping, there are so many tender moments that you will want captured.

When I mentioned getting ready photos, Mary and Tanner were not super interested because they felt it didn’t fit into an elopement. However, those moments of giddy excitement before your vow reading are once in a life time. And documenting those memories, even if it is just the two of you, is worth while. after explaining this, Mary thought that those would be the most romantic photographs, and I have to agree!

Wedding Details

Heirlooms are so sweet to have for your wedding day, especially for detail shots and flatlay images. However, if you do not have any, don’t sweat it! One of the best parts of getting married is creating your own traditions. For example, Mary didn’t have any heirloom jewelry, so she brought a set that her mother-in-law gifted her. Coincidentally, it was a buffalo turquoise, which is very popular in the west and in the Tetons. This piece looks beautiful in her flatlay photos and will become a perfect heirloom for her future generations.

Wedding Tree Jackson Hole Vow Reading

Mary and Tanner got married in a courthouse in Tennessee, so for this trip they had a Wedding Tree Jackson Hole vow reading, and a honeymoon afterwards. They brought beautiful vow books for their hand written vows, and used them during their vow reading. Although it was quite, their ceremony was filled with love and beautiful once in a life time moments.

In addition to the Wedding Tree, we had photos at Schwabacher Landing (their personal favorite location from the day) and celebrated with champagne and bourbon. We even saw a moose, which was a rare and exciting moment for my as a Jackson Hole wedding photographer!

Overall, this Wedding Tree Jackson Hole vow reading was the perfect day for Mary and Tanner! It was filled with tender moments, adventure and so much more! If you are ready to book your Jackson Hole wedding photographers, then reach out!

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