5 Jackson Hole Elopement Mistakes To Avoid

As a Jackson Hole elopement photographer, I love to work with all kinds of couples, planning out their perfect adventure/wedding! I want you to have the most amazing experience here in good ol’ Wyoming. Today I’m sharing some mistakes I’ve seen eloping couples make, and I hope that by telling you about them, you’ll be able to avoid these headaches. Here are five elopement mistakes to avoid that couples make during their Jackson Hole elopements.

Grand Teton wedding with bride and groom holding hands and walking in front of a barn at Mormon Row with the Tetons in the distance captured by jackson hole photographers

Not Being Choosy with Your Guest List

When two people are getting married, there is a heavy pressure to invite everybody. You don’t want to risk damaging important relationships early on, I totally understand! My advice here is simple: don’t invite people who aren’t supportive. Your day will feel lighter surrounded by people who are giving all of their love!

outdoor ceremony in the Tetons with bride and groom laughing with their officiant captured by Jackson Hole photographer
bride adn groom holding their arms in the air as they hold hands in celebration after their wedding ceremony for their Grand Teton wedding

Forgetting Legal Marriage Requirements

Another common one of the elopement mistakes to avoid, that couples make is forgetting about legal marriage requirements. Don’t forget to apply for a wedding license before your ceremony!! You normally need some form of ID and your birth certificate to apply. Each state has slightly different requirements, though, so make sure you’ve figured this out before your event. 

groom hugging his bride as she rests her head on his chest and he leans down to kiss her head while they stand under her veil captured by jackson hole photographers
jackson hole photographers photographs bride in a field looking over her shoulder with the tetons behind her for her wyoming elopement

Investing in Every Detail

Another trap many couples fall into is obsessing over every detail of the elopement. Fretting about every single thing can be emotionally taxing, and distract you from the fun parts of your day! 

So, invest in the important stuff. Ask what matters most to you two as a couple. Other things can go by the wayside.

outdoor wedding pictures for a wyoming elopement with jackson hole photographers with bride and groom on a rock in the river with the groom dipping back the bride a bit and kissing her as he holds her waist
groom kissing his bride on the forehead as he hugs her in a river bed for their grand teton wedding

Not Doing Location Research Beforehand

Jackson Hole is full of secret treasures, and if you don’t do your location research, you could miss out on a lot of wonderful opportunities that would enhance your elopement. 

I would recommend researching local vendors, as there are plenty of options here for catering, florals, even boutiques. (I would love to share with you my personal recommendations, just reach out!!) And of course, don’t forget to check the weather!

Wyoming elopement photos with bride and groom holding hands as they walk towards the grand tetons in the distance in an open field with the sun beginning to set for their Grand Teton wedding photos
jackson hole photographers photographs bride holding her arms around her grooms neck and resting her forehead on his as they embrace for their grand teton wedding pictures

Hiring a Subpar Photographer

Don’t make the mistake of hiring a photographer that can’t fulfill all your dreams for your Jackson Hole elopement. You can get that striking couple photo on the summit and get cozy photos with friends at your reception. You can even get amazing photos climbing or rafting! After all is said and done, what’s left of this special experience is your photographs, so really, hire your dream photographer!

I promise that when you work with me, I am going to help you make the experience of a lifetime. I am happy to be not only your elopement photographer, but also your local guide, your crisis-averter, and your friend! 

jackson hole photographers photographs bride and groom holding hands with the groom leading the bride through a field as he looks back to his bride with the tetons in the distance

If you’re hoping to get married in or around Jackson Hole, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I can’t wait to work with you.

bridal portrait by jackson hole photographers with detail shot of brides veil as she stands on a rock in a river for her wyoming elopement
meaningful touch of a charm with a photo of a relative who couldn't make it to the wedding resting on the brides boots
jackson hole photographers photographs heirloom wedding dress hanging on a door in a hotel room for wyoming elopement
jackson hole photographers captures meaningful detail of brides wedding dress tag with embroidery from her grandmother

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