Grand Teton Summer Elopement

I may just love the summer time more as a Grand Teton elopement photographer. The warm days, late sunsets and the magic of the mountains. A Grand Teton summer elopement is perfect for any couple who loves adventure and ready for a little summer romance! And that is exactly what Niko and Lauren experienced for their destination elopement in the Tetons.

bride and groom sitting together on the ground of the woods cuddling and leaning in to kiss each other

Destination Elopement & Honeymoon

Niko and Lauren really wanted to have an adventure elopement with an epic hike. However, they also knew that they wanted to have parents and close friends at their elopement, so a long hike would have to wait for another day! Instead they opted to have a simple ceremony at Schwabacher Landing, with a celebratory dinner at Snake River Grill. Then for their honeymoon they would go on the epic adventures that Yellowstone, The Grand Tetons and other western National Parks have to offer.

bride and groom dancing at Schwabacher Landing for their Grand Teton summer elopement with the groom standing behind the bride as they sway together

groom picking up his bride and carrying her as they dance together

bride and groom holding hands and dancing for their Grand Teton summer elopement with the mountains behind them in the distance

Snow King Resort | Getting Ready Photos

One of my favorite resorts in the area has to be the Snow King Resort! I love Snow King Resort for many reasons. There are stunning views, beautifully detailed rooms, as well as some really fun amenities! Niko and Lauren stayed at the resort the night before their wedding, and then got ready the morning of the big day. Which made for a lovely location to capture them getting ready and detailed shots before the wedding ceremony.

groom getting ready at Snow King Resort with his mother helping his put on his floral boutonnière

groom smiling as he looks down as his mother puts his floral summer floral boutonnière on

detail shot of bride putting on her wedding heels with blue bottoms at Snow King Resort

detail shot of brides mother buttoning up the back of her dress as the bride gets ready for her wedding ceremony

Schwabacher Landing First Look

After capturing Niko and Lauren getting ready at Snow King Resort we headed out to Schwabacher Landing! Before the ceremony Lauren had a first look with her dad, which was so sweet and tender. This is a trend that I wish I saw more often! The moment between a father and daughter before the actual wedding ceremony is always one that adds meaning and sentiment to the day.

first look between the bride and her father in the woods of the Grand Tetons captured by top Jackson Hole wedding photographer

father of the bride hugging his daughter after he has a first look with her at her Grand Teton summer elopement

Next, Lauren and Niko had a first look together. We found this small opening in the woods that was so magical and romantic. But what really made this spot special was how kind Niko was when he saw his bride! He wanted to see every little detail of Lauren’s wedding dress that she had picked for their Grand Teton summer elopement. He was amazed with how beautiful her dress was, as well as absolutely in awe with her!

both the bride and groom facing away from the camera with the bride approaching the groom for their first look during their Grand Teton summer elopement in the woods

grooms reaction to his bride for their first look in the woods of the Grand Tetons with small wild flowers surrounding them

first look with bride and groom holding hands and the groom admiring the brides National Park wedding dress

groom looking at the back of his brides wedding dress during their first look together in the woods for their Grand Teton summer elopement

Grand Teton Summer Elopement Ceremony & Reception

Lauren and Niko had a beautiful wedding ceremony at Schwabacher Landing followed by a celebratory dinner at the Snake River Grill. But before we headed out to dinner I had Lauren and Niko stay behind to get some wedding photos. Niko turned some music on and slid his phone into his suit coat. And before we knew it they were having a spontaneous and dreamy first dance. I was able to capture these candid moments of just the two of them in pure bliss.

Grand Teton summer elopement wedding ceremony with bride and groom holding hands while their officiant marries them with the Tetons mountains behind them

ring exchange during a wedding ceremony at Schwabacher Landing in the Grand Tetons

Grand Teton summer wedding with bride and groom kissing with a river behind them

After we finished their photos, we went over to their celebratory dinner at Snake River Grill. There they had rented out a private room for their wedding party, enjoyed toasts, and cut their wedding cake from Buttercream Designs. For more on their celebratory dinner, check out this blog!

grand entrance of bride and groom coming into their wedding reception at Snake River Grill

black and white wedding picture with bride and groom cutting their wedding cake together at Snake River Grill in Jackson Hole

black and white wedding photo captured by best Jackson Hole wedding photographer with bride and groom kissing next to their wedding cake during their celebratory wedding dinner

Overall, Lauren and Niko’s Grand Teton summer elopement was a dream! Every moment was filled with emotion and love with the most important people to them. Are you starting to plan your National Park elopement? Reach out and let’s do this thing!

brides earrings on a flower in her summer bridal bouquet

detail shot of bride and grooms wedding rings in their boxes

detail shot of lace and sequence wedding dress hanging in the window in a luxury suite in Snow King resort

detail shot of bridal shoes on a white background and crystal details


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