Schwabacher Landing Wedding | Emma and Skylar

Getting married in Grand Teton National Park is more than just a celebration. It is an entire experience filled with little moments that builds into what your wedding day is. These little moments create the memories that you will want to remember for a lifetime and pass onto your future generations. This Schwabacher Landing wedding was exactly that! Emma and Skylar were able to take tender moments and create a something truly beautiful.

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Skylar & Emma

The first trip Emma & Skylar took together was to Jackson Hole during the winter. It was such an amazing trip for them and led to defining moments in their relationship. So when the Covid-19 pandemic wasn’t letting up, they decided that they would want to elope rather than having a large celebration. And what better place to elope than the Grand Tetons National Park?! This was a beautiful location, and held so much meaning to Emma and Skylar.

While planning their Schwabacher Landing wedding Emma was in the middle of med school, and Skylar was working full time as an architect. They were so busy, especially with Emma not having a lot of time off for school. SO they planned their elopement to be the one week that Emma had off of school, and thankfully it lined up with my wedding calendar so I was able to capture their day!

How I Serve My Clients

A lot of my clients find my online and are out of state, which makes meeting and getting to know each other tough. Something I do for a lot of my couples, and I also did with Skylar and Emma, is meeting over a video call. Whether it is Facetime, Skype or Zoom. We can meet online, get to know your story and you can ask me about my services! This way I can have a better understanding of your needs and we can see if we are a good fit.

Another way I serve my clients is helping you along the way of planning your elopement. I have a list of recommended vendors and stunning locations. Because I have been photographing weddings in the Grand Tetons and Jackson Hole for years, I have wonderful resources and knowledge of the area! With Emma and Skylar I helped them find a makeup artist, florist, and lodging. They loved how thorough and helpful I was with planning. We basically planned and executed the wedding from to finish together!

Schwabacher Landing Wedding

This was Emma and Skylar’s first time visiting The Grand Teton National Park in the summer and they were so excited for the beauty that surrounded them! But before they could get out into the National Park, they had to get ready! I began the day by documenting their time getting ready. It was really cool because Skylar’s dad is a professional hair stylist, so he did every one’s hair. Although it was a lot of hair to do, he did a fantastic job!

bride getting her hair done by her father in law on her wedding day with an up-do and a crystal band around her bun

A highlight of getting ready was Emma’s dress. It was absolutely stunning with a beautiful long train. The dress had a lot of material that needed bustling, because Emma didn’t want her train dragging along the ground while we were out adventuring at Schwabacher Landing. It was so much fun for her mom, sister and friend to help her with this. This was just one of the many moments that I am so glad we captured from their Schwabacher Landing wedding day!

As Emma walked through the trees at Schwabacher Landing Skylar saw her for the first time, and it was magical! Her dad gave her away at the natural alter and they had the most beautiful and intimate ceremony. There were only about seven people present between their parents siblings and a friend. It was such a small wedding which made the moment even more sacred.


Schwabacher Landing & Black Pond Photos

After the ceremony we had bridal portraits at Schwabacher Landing and Black Pond. The lighting was absolutely beautiful! Even with the smoke in the air, the clouds created the perfect lighting for wedding photos. We were even able to see the mountains from where we were!

I loved how Skylar and Emma created beautiful moments throughout the day. And their bridal session did not disappoint. They laughed, danced and were just totally ecstatic to be married! They also had tender moments in the stillness of the Grand Tetons that I am sure will be precious memories that they hold onto for the rest of their lives together.

You wedding day is filled with special little moments. These moments create the atmosphere of your wedding as well as lasting memories. I am so grateful to have been able to document such wonderful moments for Skylar and Emma at their Schwabacher Landing wedding! And I can’t wait for you to create those moments on your wedding day! Reach out and let’s talk about what matters most to you.

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Jackson Hole weddings with bride and groom at their ceremony with their family surrounding them

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