Jackson Hole Winter Wedding Tips

Winter in Jackson Hole is absolutely magical! From he white blanket of snow across the meadows and mountains, to the sage brush peeking through to find some sunshine. You will find stunning views that enhance the romance of your wedding images. However, a Wyoming winter wedding can get cold, especially in Jackson Hole! Here are my top Jackson Hole winter wedding tips as a Wyoming wedding photographer.

winter wedding in Jackson Hole Wyoming with bride and groom kissing each other next to a river with the Grand Tetons mountain rnae in the background and the bride holding her red floral wedding bouquet

Jackson Hole Winter Wedding Tips On What To Wear

The best way to stay warm for your Wyoming winter wedding is to layer up! Of course you could simply stay indoors and avoid the snow and wind chill, but what is the fun in that?! Those stunning snowy bridal photos deserve to be taken and I promise they will take your breathe away with their beauty! Make taking those pictures more enjoyable with these tips on what to wear for a Jackson Hole winter wedding.


With your formal wedding attire you may want some images without a coat covering your beautiful gown. You can still get those perfect shots without losing any extremities to the elements! Layer underneath with fleece leggings, wool socks and your boots. Definitely bring your coat to wear in between shots!


If there is one thing you don’t want to forget, it will definitely be your snow boots! Imagine trying to trek through the snow in your wedding day heels. You probably won’t get too far! Bring your snow boots so we can explore just a bit to get the perfect shot!

Cute Coat

This is a Jackson Hole winter wedding tip that I absolutely love! Some of my fall and winter brides will bring the most darling jackets. I have seen denim, corduroy, and even faux furs. All add so much personality to the wedding images while keeping you warm!

Keeping Warm Jackson Hole Winter Wedding Tip

In addition to dressing strategically, I have a few other other winter wedding tips for how to stay warm. These are tips and tricks that I have learned through my experience as a Wyoming wedding photographer, as well as in my personal life living in the west. Not only do I want you to receive gorgeous wedding photos, but I want you to also feel comfortable while capturing them!

Hands Warmers

Probably my favorite thing to bring for those cold Wyoming winter wedding sessions is a good hand warmer! You can find them in the camping section of basically any store. There are really neat reusable hand warmers, but I recommend bringing the one time use hand warmers because these are more compact and lighter.

winter wedding in Jackson Hole Wyoming detail shot of bride holding her neckline to show off her pincess cut wedding ring

Warm Drinks

Bring your favorite, and biggest, thermos with your favorite warm beverage. By keeping your inside warm, you will stay warmer longer. It also doubles as hydration, which you will definitely need! A lot of winter brides will become dehydrated because dehydration is not as much of a worry in the winter months.

Stay In The Car

Whether you decide on an adventure session with multiple locations, or just want to drive out to your favorite part of the venue you are celebrating at. I always recommend to stay in the car as much as possible. This will protect you best from the elements and keep you warm.

Safety Tips For Your Jackson Hole Winter Wedding

In addition to staying warm, I also want to keep you safe. Your wedding day deserves to be a wonderful experience of love and laughter! Not a tragic emergency that lands you in the ER. I will be there to capture your timeless beauty as well as enforce safety precautions in the cold Wyoming winter. Here are just a few of the safety tips to keep in mind on your winter wedding day.

Drive Slow & Avoid Getting Stuck

If the roads are covered in ice, or packed with fresh fallen snow, drive carefully! Always drive about 5 to 10 miles below the speed limit to avoid spinning out, getting stuck or some other accident. And if you ever feel overwhelmed with the elements while driving, pull over and take a break from driving to regroup.

adventure elopement in the winter in Jackson Hole Wyoming celebrating with their arms in the air and cheering next to String Lake with the Tetons right behind themm and snow surrounding them

Avoid Frostbite

In addition to layering up and staying warm, know the early signs of frostbite. Just because we take extensive measures to avoid frostbite, doesn’t mean it still wont happen. The early signs of frostbite is a feeling of pins and needles, throbbing or aching of the area that is affected. If you feel this at all, then we will stop and get your warm quickly!

Consider In Studio

I absolutely adore the winter in Jackson Hole and I prefer to capture your love story with those gorgeous Wyoming views. However, with the winter elements that isn’t always possible. Know that any type of session can be done in a studio. Some of my favorites to do in a studio are Bridals because of the artistic elements we can add to the photos.

bride and groom in studio for their winter wedding kissing each other as the bride throws her skirt out and the groom holds her by the waist with garden lights and garland hanging over their heads

These Jackson Hole winter wedding tips will help you plan what to bring and how to stay warm and safe on your wedding day. I am so excited for your Jackson Hole wedding day! No matter the season, your wedding day will be stunning with the Grand Tetons in the distance. Let’s chat about your wedding day and how I can best capture your love story.

romantic image of bride leaning on groons shoulder as they look over the frozen String Lake in the Tetons on their winter elopement day

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