Ranch Family Traditions

I am always getting to know my brides to learn how to best capture there big day. But, I think it may just be equally important for you to get to know me! Because who I am contributes to who I am as a wedding photographer. I want to share with you my ranch family traditions and how that has helped me to become the photographer I am today.

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The Beginning

A long time ago, my grandpa and his brother bought 800 acres in Idaho, as well as a bit of land in Utah. This land became a ranch that is still in our family today! When the land was first bought it was a way for my grandpa and his brothers to provide for their families. They each had different professional careers, but this was their adventure. Together they hoped to provide something that could be passed down for generations.

One summer about 60 years ago was the first official family reunion on this ranch. They had just laid the foundation for the first farmhouse on the property, and decided to bring the entire family together for a camp out. They laid their sleeping bags on the foundation and slept under the stars together. This was the first of many ranch family traditions.

Ranch Family Traditions Continue

To this day we still have a family reunion at the property, though it has evolved quiet a bit since the first. The first transition was creating a family rodeo with calf-roping. This went on for about 20 years, but eventually too many people got hurt. So, we called off the family rodeo portion of the reunion. But, we have found other ways to share time together as a family.

As a family we have a hay ride on special wagons made just for the occasion! These trailers are large enough to be pulled by both tractors and trucks. On average we have about 200-300 people! We also have dinner together and a funny little skit put on by a few of the family members. Every year is different and so much fun. At the end of the night we have a dance that honors our western roots with country and swing dancing. Although, some hip hop has snuck in with so many family members integrating into a city life. I love the many ranch family traditions that have been added to our annual reunion.

beautiful green field on an Idaho family ranch with cloud in the sky and cattle in the field

Your Heritage

This land is a huge part of me. It ties me to my family roots and has shaped me to who I am. And for that I love western attire and traditions and decor. It is part of my heritage. 

Heritage and roots can ground us and add meaning to our life. As we add the meaning to the things we do it will have a deeper and long lasting impact on us. Adding meaningful touches to our wedding creates a timeless experience. There are so many trends in the wedding industry. Trends will come and go, but if we pick things that are more meaningful then we create a timeless wedding!

This timelessness reflects in your wedding photos. I would never want you to look back at your wedding photos and cringe at the trends you incorporated. Think of the meaningful touches that will always have value to you. They don’t have to be heirlooms, however those are wonderful. It can be as simple as choosing things that are more meaningful to you. Such as significant colors, florals that hold meaning, or a family tradition.

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Now that you have heard all about me, let’s connect and chat about your family traditions and how we can add timeless elements into your wedding day!

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