Jackson Hole’s Wedding Tree Ceremony

Something I love about being a Jackson Hole wedding photographer are the many traditions that I get to witness. I am privileged to be able to capture a bride holding onto her grandmother’s heirloom as she walks down the aisle. Or a groom wearing his great grandfathers pocket watch on his wedding day. And even if you do not have those family traditions, Jackson Hole has many for you to take part in! On of my favorite’s being Jackson Hole’s Wedding Tree.

black and white photo of bring and groom walking their dog in Jackson Hole along a trail next to a lake with bride holding her wedding bouquet and groom holding the dog's leash. Bride wearing hiking boots and her tulle and lace wedding gown

JP & Chloe

JP and Chloe had the most beautiful Jackson Hole Wedding Tree ceremony. It was so sentimental and absolutely stunning. They also found locations to bring their beloved dog, and made the entire day an exciting adventure! It was a wonderful representation of their love for each other.

This awesome couple met while at a college party. After just a few minutes of chatting they just clicked! They had similar beliefs and values, as well as an excitement for life. Since that night they were inseparable and their relationship blossomed into something really beautiful!

When they decided to get married Chloe knew the Tetons would be the perfect place! Chloe worked in Yellowstone for a while and every weekend she would go into the Tetons and just embrace the adventures. She loved the Grand Tetons so much that when the idea of having an intimate and adventurous elopement was on the table, she told JP that she knew the best place!

groom in a black suit holds his bride as they both stand in String Lake in Jackson Hole with the Tetons right behind them as the sun glows through the smoke that is in the air

String Lake In The Grand Tetons

On the day of their wedding their was so much smoke in the air from California that we couldn’t see the Tetons from the locations we decided on. So we switched locations last minute! JP and Chloe are so spontaneous and up for an adventure that they didn’t mind at all! We took a short drive over to String Lake, which turned out to be some of my favorite photos. I absolutely love how genuine this couple is and how much fun they have together no matter where we were!

I especially loved how there was no hesitation to get in the water and play! Jp and Chloe just hopped in without question and had a total blast! Something I have learned as a Grand Teton adventure wedding photographer is that wedding dresses that are very light weight and have more tulle dries quickly. After being completely drenched from playing in the lake, Chloe was totally dry by the time we got to Jackson Hole’s wedding tree! It was only a thrity minute drive!

bride in the Tetons walking out of a lake in her strapless sweetheart neckline a-line lace and tulle wedding gown while holding her wedding bouquet with the Tetons in the background behind the lake with tall pine trees

Jackson Hole’s Wedding Tree Ceremony

After playing in the lake we headed over to Jackson Hole’s Wedding Tree. This location in the Jackson Hole has a long standing tradition for many natives in the area. Many couples go to the Wedding Tree to be married because of the two pine trees that create an arch framing the Tetons. Not only is it a beautiful and unique find in nature, but it is also symbolic. The two pine trees coming together remind us of the union of marriage bringing two people together to become one.

JP and Chloe had the sweetest ceremony under Jackson Hole’s wedding tree. The sun was setting behind them creating the most amazing colors in the smoky sky outlining the Tetons in the distance. There personal vows were tender and inspiring. It was so clear that the love they have for each other just came naturally and would last a life time.

Jackson Hole's wedding tree ceremony with bride and groom being married under the two pine trees to uphold the traditions of the area with thie dog

They popped the champagne, watched the sunset and enjoyed the end of their perfect wedding day. It was a total adventure with spontaneous change of plans and continuing a sentimental tradition that lives with Jackson Hole’s Wedding Tree. I feel so honored to know such amazing people and to get to capture their love story! Let’s connect and talk about your love story and how I can capture it best!

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