Why Have An Adventure Elopement Photographer

I still remember the first time I went skydiving. After all of my friends bailed on me, I drove out all by myself and hopped into a plane as quickly as I hopped out at over a thousand feet. I loved every minute! The nervous jitters, the excitement, and now the memory. My only regret is not having someone to share that experience with. That is why I am an adventure elopement photographer! I believe that during life’s most ordinary moments you should create a thrilling adventure. And you should get to share those adventures with those you love.

man and woman standing on rocks in a glacier lake in the valley of the Tetons mountains with aqua blue water surrounding them as they kiss on their wedding daywith the Tetons in the background and reflecting into the lake

Life’s Adventures

Skydiving led to many more adventures for me! It was an experience that taught me not to wait on anyone else to follow your dreams. Even if it means you are all alone, go out and do what you love! Soon after jumping out of that plane I served a mission in Houston, Texas teaching others about Jesus Christ in Spanish, a language that was totally new to me. Later I did a study abroad in Switzerland, and getting there was just as thrilling as the program. My travel partner dropped out of the program just weeks before we left and I had to travel across the world on my own. It was a miracle I found myself at the small village that we were assigned!

All of these life experiences have led me to become an adventure elopement photographer. I love to explore, experience new things and most of all adventure with other people! Life is full of normal moments, like getting married to your best friend. But when you take that and add an adventure to the mix you are able to take an ordinary experience and create thrilling moments and fond memories.


Adventure Elopement

Don’t get me wrong, getting married is a big deal. But why not amplify the experience with an adventure!? As an adventure wedding photographer, I love adventure elopements because it makes your wedding day a shared experience that is far from ordinary. Most recently I had an adventure elopement with an awesome couple. We hiked up the Grand Tetons, found a glacier lake right under the peak of the mountain and had their ceremony. That moment was one of a kind! That is what I want for every bride and groom!

glacier lake fall elopement in the Grand Teton National Park with bride being dipped by her groom as her wedding dress flares out beneath her as they kiss with the majestic mountain range behind them in Wyoming

Sharing a big experience, like exploring the Grand Tetons, with someone you love dearly strengthens you bond. You come out of it with more trust and admiration for each other. And not only will your relationship be more strong because of it, but it also adds to the day! Your wedding day will be filled with more excitement and sentiment because you decided to create more thrilling memories in the day.

Recently I went skydiving with my husband, brothers and dad. And let me tell you, it was so much more fun than the first time! I was surrounded with the people I love. We were having a thrilling experience together, one that was a total adventure and resulted in our bond being strengthened. Trust me when I say that adventure and those you love belong together! Let’s get started planning your adventure elopement!

group of friends standning outside of an airplane before they go skydiving with an adventure elopement photographer

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