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Whether you are looking to elope with a small intimate wedding party, or have a large traditional wedding day, Trail Creek Ranch is the place to be! Tucked into the southern mountains of the Grand Tetons this wedding venue will provide everything you could possibly dream of! The views, the serenity, the atmosphere. It is all absolutely stunning and perfect for a Jackson Hole wedding!

Trail Creek Ranch Jackson Hole wedding venue black and white portrait of bride and groom holding hands and walking on a dirt trail near the woods while smiling at one another


Only a 25 minute drive from Victor Idaho, this dreamy Jackson Hole Wedding venue is located in the small town of Wilson, Wyoming. Trail Creek Ranch is surrounded by the hills off of the mountains, and thick forests of tall native trees. No matter the direction you face your view will be filled with the beauty of Wyoming!

Something I love about this Jackson Hole wedding venue is how secluded, yet convenient it is. It lies on the western outskirt of Wilson, which makes the venue that much more private. There are no stores or residents near the location, so you get that magical hidden in the mountains feel! However, civilization is just a few miles down the road! Within just minutes you will find all the conveniences of society. So when the party is over your guests can find a hotel to stay at for the night!

wedding photo of groom in a blue suit and red tie in Jackson Hole Wyoming smiling at the camera with his bride behind him and out of focus

Trail Creek Ranch’s Authentic Ranch and Barn

Trail Creek Ranch prides themselves in providing a ranch that is a “blank canvas for you to create your dream day“. There are endless options with this Jackson Hole wedding venue that are awe-inspiring. You can really play into a rustic mountain vibe, or class up the place and bring out an elegant earthiness.

The Barn

This logged barn is stunning inside and out! The barn sits in a pasture with thick woods and rolling hills as a backdrop. It looks out onto a beautiful green area that many couple decide to use as a ceremony space. So basically, you can say your vows in front of a picture perfect barn and mountain scene!

The inside of the barn is so authentic and holds everything you would expect a barn to have! There are horse’s bridles, saddles, and reins hanging on the wall. As well as rakes and other tools for the ranch. It is an amazing atmosphere to sit down and have a bite for dinner in! And that is exactly what Trail Creek Ranch encourages! You can host an intimate wedding dinner in this cozy and rustic barn and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you!

cowboy officiant marries man and woman in Jackson Hole black and white image of wedding day ceremony

Horses & Wildlife

Enjoy the pasture full of horses at Trail Creek Ranch! This is a wonderful and peaceful way to add entertainment to your wedding day. Watch the horses roam the field, or get a little interactive and try to feed and pet them! It is a beautiful scene that just adds to the adventure of a Jackson Hole wedding day!

Be sure to keep an eye out for some of Jackson Hole’s infamous wildlife! This Jackson Hole wedding venue has had wildlife sightings of moose and other smaller woodland creatures. If you are really hoping to have the wildlife make an appearance on your wedding day, then consider the Spring! Spring is when you are most likely to see wildlife coming out to the sunshine from a long winter of hibernation.

Jackson Hole wedding venue Trail Creek Ranch with husband and wife walking through the woods while wearing their wedding attire smiling and holding hands as they walk


The wildflowers in Jackson Hole are beyond gorgeous! I love the bright colors that litter the fields and pastures throughout Spring and Summer. Trail Creek Ranch is no exception to this breathtaking piece of nature. Depending the time of year, you will find reds, yellows, blues and purples in the wildflowers through out the property!

bride in strapless a-line lace wedding dress holds her beautiful bouquet of florals in Jackson Hole at Trail Creek Ranch


Looking to start your honeymoon ASAP? Then Trail Creek Ranch is perfect for you! This Jackson Hole wedding venue host guests in personal cabins that are private from other visitors on the property. Their cabins have indoor plumbing and even little kitchenettes! So you will be plenty comfortable as you enjoy the great outdoors!

Fall in love with Trail Creek Ranch and all it has to offer! It is a stunning and secluded piece of property with all of the beauties of Jackson Hole and the Grand Tetons. As a wedding photographer I highly recommend this Jackson Hole wedding venue for it’s versatility and natural beauty. Reach out and let’s talk more about how I can capture your wedding day in a way that will remain beautiful and timeless for years to come!

beautiful bride and groom walking on a dirt trail in Jackson Hole at Trail Creek Ranch as the bride holds her lace wedding dress up off the ground and her groom stares at her beauty


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