Private Vow Reading in Grand Teton National Park

As a Jackson Hole wedding photographer I get to capture so many beautiful moments. From elopements to venue weddings, I truly love them all! But this private vow reading in Grand Teton National Park will always be such a sentimental shoot that I will never forget. Tayler and Austin came all the way from Georgia to capture their love in the Tetons, and I am so honored I got to document it all!

bride and groom embracing at Schwabacher Landing as the groom lays his head on his brides cheek as she smiles at the camera

Stress Free Elopement

Tayler and Austin really wanted to keep their elopement simple! I love when couples opt for a low maintenance wedding, because it keep their focus on one another. Instead of worrying about all the vendors and small details of their wedding day, they get to just embrace each other and all the feelings of the day!

bride holding her grooms suspender for a detail shot of her wedding and engagement rings

To have a completely stress free elopement Tayler and Austin chose to get married at a courthouse in Georgia. Then they came out for a formal and private celebration in the Tetons. They didn’t have to worry about an officiant or any of the paper work during their celebration, making their vow reading in Grand Teton National Park that much more enjoyable!

bride and groom on a mountain in the Tetons on a dirt path holding each other

bride and groom in a green field for a summer wedding with the groom holding his brides waist and the bride holding her groom around the shoulders

Private Vow Reading In Grand Teton National Park

We chose to have Tayler and Austin’s private vow reading at Schwabacher Landing. Both said that they felt uncomfortable in front of the camera, so we decided to first capture some wedding portraits. I didn’t want to jump right into their vow reading without them feeling comfortable and natural! So, I let them get to know my camera with a few prompts to encourage candid poses.

Once the ice was broken and the jitters were gone we went into their vow reading. It was an absolutely romantic and sentimental moment between Tayler and Austin. As they read their vows to each other they held onto one another. Cuddling as they read their vows was very sweet. In addition, it brought the attention to their love for one another, instead of just an individual.

bride and groom sitting in a green field together with the Tetons behind them for their Jackson Hole summer wedding

bride in a lace wedding dress sitting on the ground in the Tetons with her floral wedding bouquet

“Alright folks, if you are getting married or eloping in Jackson Hole you have to choose Jocilyn! She not only was a wonderful photographer (the pictures came out amazing), but she also made the experience one of the best aspects of our trip. She really takes the time to get to know you and your significant other which really makes taking pictures much easier, especially if you are like me and aren’t the best model in the world! She was responsive to all of our calls and texts and even reached out unprompted to help make sure things were set up and that we knew what we wanted!”

Capturing Tayler and Austin’s private vow reading in Grand Teton National Park was such a pleasure! And I am so grateful that I was able to contribute to their experience in the Grand Tetons. Reach out and let’s plan your Grand Teton and Jackson Hole wedding!

bride and groom holding hands in the air as they smile and celebrate their Jackson Hole elopement

detail shot of wedding rings with both the bride and groom holding their hands together for their private vow reading in Grand Teton National Park

bride laughing as her groom holds her around the waist and smiles at the camera for their National Park vow reading

Grand Teton bride holding a wedding bouquet of pink florals while wearing a lace wedding dress

bride in a lace v neck wedding dress smiles as she holds her blush pink florals on her wedding day in Grand Teton National Park

out of focus wedding photog of bride and groom in the sunshine while standing in a meadow in the Grand Tetons for a beautiful wedding portrait

outdoor wedding photos of bride and groom holding each other in a meadow in the Grand Tetons as they rest their foreheads together romantically and the bride wears a lace wedding gown

groom holding his brides hand and leading her down a dirt path past a forrest of trees in the Grand Tetons as he looks back at her and smiles

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