How To Run Your Business And Be A Mom

I am passionate about my work as a Jackson Hole wedding photographer. But, I am also passionate about being a mom! I love having the opportunity to raise my kids while still fulfilling my career goals and dreams. However, doing both can be a lot to handle. So, I want to give my top 3 tips on how to run your business and be a mom!

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Tip#1: Childcare

As a Jackson Hole wedding photographer I spend a lot of time at home working. And with that comes more time with my children. However, when I found myself multitasking by working with my children I noticed that I wasn’t very present in either. And as a result I wouldn’t get as much work done and my kids time with me wasn’t quality.

Get childcare so you can cut out multitasking and be present! Be present with your kids during your mom time, and be present with your work during your work time. This has been my saving grace because I was always thinking of work stuff while with my kids and becoming impatient with them when their needs interrupted my phone calls, emails, etc. AND I was also thinking of my kids and worrying about their needs while I was trying to work.

Separating my time has even healed my brain fog, I believe the constant multi-tasking was really wearing on me and causing me to be able to think clearly. Childcare can be a difficult thing to start doing financially and for many other reasons! I began with hiring a young 14yr old girl to come play with my girls while I locked myself in my bedroom to work. I didn’t have to pay her as much since she was young and didn’t have as many responsibilities since I was around if anything came up. Find what works for you, and try it out! This may just be your first step to run your business and be a mom.

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Tip #2: Outsourcing

In a business you can’t do it all! In the beginning you will try because it saves you money, but eventually your time will become of great worth. Then you will be able to outsource and focus on what you are passionate about! Do the things that you are really good at and work towards outsourcing everything else.

When you choose to run your business and be a mom you have to be strategic with your time and money. I started by outsourcing editing and raised my prices to cover the additional cost. I have also outsourced social media content creation and scheduling. And currently I have Krystin with Jack Robin Co. improving my business’ longevity through SEO blogging and Pinterest.

When outsourcing the most important tip I can offer is to be clear on what you are wanting and communicate that clearly to those you are working with. Do your research on who you choose to hire to make sure you find the best fit! Hire slowly, do trial periods whenever possible and don’t be afraid to let people go that aren’t working out. This is your business, you get to call the shots!

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Tip#3: Systems

Create systems in your business so you can cut down on the mundane tasks. Similar to outsourcing, by establishing systems you are able to focus on what you really love to do, while still having your business run smoothly. For example, you can make templates for emails, proposals, invoices and anything else you find yourself recreating.

You can also run your clients through an automated systems. Here is a great example of how I do that! Once a client books they get a sequence of emails from me. First, I automate a welcome email that includes all my vendor recommendations. Then, a questionnaire is sent to get to know each other. And finally, an invite to set up a planning session together.

If you have a system, then things will run more smoothly. And you won’t have to work so hard! Systems can also be used with content. For example, blog posts can be broken down into cations for posts, emails, Pinterest pins and so much more! And this kind of system can be outsourced as well, making your life so much more simple!

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I truly believe that if you are reading this blog, then you can run your business and be a mom. And a great mom at that! It takes time to figure out what works best for you and your family. But, with these 3 tips I know you will be getting started on the right foot! And as always, if you have any questions I would love to chat!

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