How To Include Your Dog In Your Grand Teton Wedding

As a Jackson Hole wedding photographer I am constantly asked about including dogs in the wedding photos. And I love it! I love that so many of my couples include their dogs in the wedding or elopement. It’s like your pets truly are family! But before you bring out your furry friends, you will want to know these tips. Here is how to include your dog in your Grand Teton wedding day!

include your dog in your Grand Teton wedding at a location near a river with the bride and groom kneeling by their sheep dog

No Dogs Allowed!

The Grand Teton National Park does not allow dogs. However, there are locations outside of the park that have the perfect views of the Tetons mountains. In these spots you can include your dog in your wedding ceremony, as well as get those gorgeous views! In these locations we can also hike around to get adventurous wedding photos with your pets.


I’ll Let You Know Where To Go!

My number one tip on how to include your dog in your Grand Teton wedding is to work with your wedding photographer. As a Jackson Hole wedding photographer I have learned the area and know all the best spots to bring your pets. I know where dogs are allowed so that you can bring them to your ceremony and get wedding photos!

Safety First

If you are in love with other locations that I have shot at in the Tetons or Jackson Hole, that do no allow dogs. Then come prepared and able to leave your pup in the car! Have a bowl of water, blankets and food for your dog in your car. Then crack the windows open, lock the door, and we will get those wedding photos of just the two of you! Your dog may not be in every photo, but you will get the wedding photos of your dreams.

Doll Them Up!

Your Grand Teton wedding day deserves to e special in every way! And the best way to include your dog in your Grand Teton Wedding is to doll them up with a floral collar. Most florists will make your dog a “wedding collar”. This is a floral wreath that will hand around their neck like a collar. It is such a fun touch to your wedding day and will really include your dog!

Need a list of locations outside the Grand Tetons National Park to bring your dog? Or maybe you are just looking for some adventurous wedding photography? Either way, reach out! I’d love to get to know you and help plan the day of your dreams!

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