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Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime experience! And because of that you deserve to have every moment captured. But how many hours of wedding photography will you need for that? It may be difficult to judge the amount of time you should hire your wedding photographer for, simply because you have never […]

bride and groom embracing on the top of a mountain in the Grand Tetons for their wedding photos with the bright bue water of a lake behind them

I have seen many different wedding dress styles as a Jackson Hole wedding photographer. And in 2022 we are expecting some timeless trends that will leave you breathless! Unique enough to have you stand out as a bride, yet elegant for any type of wedding. These 2022 wedding dresses are sure to impress and inspire! […]

stunning bride smiling at the camer as she holds her wedding bouquet in the Tetons

Something I love about being a Jackson Hole wedding photographer are the many traditions that I get to witness. I am privileged to be able to capture a bride holding onto her grandmother’s heirloom as she walks down the aisle. Or a groom wearing his great grandfathers pocket watch on his wedding day. And even […]

bride and groom stannding in String Lake in the Tetons together as the grom who is in a black suit lifts his bride up in the air and the bride whois in a lace and tulle wedding dress kicks up her foot behind her and throws her fist into the air in victory