2022 Wedding Dresses

I have seen many different wedding dress styles as a Jackson Hole wedding photographer. And in 2022 we are expecting some timeless trends that will leave you breathless! Unique enough to have you stand out as a bride, yet elegant for any type of wedding. These 2022 wedding dresses are sure to impress and inspire!

wedding dress ideas for 2022 with glacier lake fall elopement in the Grand Teton National Park with bride being dipped by her groom as her wedding dress flares out beneath her as they kiss with the majestic mountain range behind them in Wyoming

Unique Textures

In the past brides have had very few options when it came to adding textures to there gowns. However, this year we are expecting to see more unique texture to wedding dress textiles. This brides gown (below) is an perfect example of a unique textile that adds to the beauty of the dress without taking away from it’s elegance. It’s grid-like texture is one that I have never seen before as a Jackson Hole wedding photographer, but I absolutely adore!

Corset Bodice

More structure in your wedding dress will give you a more defined silhouette, compared to a loose and flowy gown. And a lot of 2022 wedding dresses will not only have more structured bodices, but they will also show off the boning of the corset. This bride (below) chose a wedding dress that shows the boning of the bodice’s structure, but also has pieces of lace decorating over the more sheer areas. This draws attention to the boning, while still adhering to a classy and modest style.

Flowy Sleeves

So many 2022 wedding dresses will have flowy sleeves, and I am here for it! Adding a flowy sleeve to your wedding dress gives your wedding look a more whimsical feel. In addition, you will be able to create more movement in your wedding photos, which I adore as a Jackson Hole wedding photographer. Not to mention, you can add flowy sleeves to almost any style of gown and should be a rather simple alteration.

Simply Satin

So many brides are opting for more simple wedding dress styles. And one of my all time favorites is a simple satin wedding dress! This style of gown will become more popular for 2022 wedding dresses, and will stay absolutely timeless. I especially love this type of gown because of how the smallest details stand out more. For example, this bride (below) has little buttons on her back and sleeves. With such a simple textile these gorgeous details call more attention to themselves!

Crochet Lace

Lace is truly timeless! It is just as beautiful today as it was fifty years ago. However, here is a fun twist to the classic lace! Crochet lace is all the rave with 2022 wedding dresses. It is classic, simple and spunky! And the best part about this textile in wedding dresses is that there are so many different styles. You can have more florals in your crocheted lace, or more geometric shapes. This style can be customized to you!

I love getting so see such a variety of gown with my Jackson Hole brides. And I can’t wait to see yours! Reach out and let’s talk all things wedding, including that stunning dress!

beautiful pregnant bride twirling in her full length flowy wedding gown in front of a lake in Jackson Hole for her wedding day at Diamond Cross Ranch

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