Grand Teton Wedding Essentials For Photography

When a couple decides on a destination wedding in the Tetons it takes a bit of planning and preparing. Whether you want your day to be small and intimate or a larger celebration with all your loved ones. These are the main Grand Teton wedding essentials I recommend as a Jackson Hole wedding photographer to make it an amazing experience.

Prioritize Your Jackson Hole Wedding Photographer

This will probably be the top advice you receive from EVERYONE. Mainly because your photos will be the only tangible memories you have after it all. But we will get to that in a second. With destination weddings (large and small) photographers have a wealth of knowledge about the area. As well as the planning process. Many destination photographers have even become event planners like myself! That’s why I suggest reaching out to photographers first.

An experienced photographer can answer all your questions and steer you in the right direction and even help you make the day you are envisioning happen. For many of my couples, I am also their wedding planner. For others, I recommend local wedding planners and we work together to create the best day for you.

Grand Teton Wedding Essentials For Photography

Now, the actual photography. You are investing in a fun, special, once-in-a-lifetime experience to celebrate your love and marriage. Why not invest in preserving those memories? Choose a Jackson Hole wedding photographer that makes you excited to hire. One that has a photography style that you love and one that feels like a good fit for you and your day.

Full Day Coverage

Again, you are planning a day that you really want to remember for years to come. AND if you are choosing to have your day be just the two of you or shared with just a handful of guests, you may want to share your day with other loved ones later. Documenting more than just a few photos of the ceremony and you with the incredible scenery will be essential!

Get photos of the details like your dress hanging and the meaningful elements that you carefully selected. The candid moments of the early excitement as you get ready to the celebratory dance and popping champagne afterwards. The special in between moments like a stolen glance or holding hands as you move throughout your day. The candids are always the most requested by couples and always a favorite. But it takes spending time with your photographer and having them present throughout your day to make those photos happen. Capture it all so that you can share it with others and relive the memories yourself!

Personalized & Meaningful Details

This is a day to celebrate your love for one another and this milestone in your lives. Think of ways that you can make this an exciting and special experience for you both. You can make a playlist of songs to sing to while traveling through the park. You can plan a unique way to explore the area, by horseback, rafting down the river or hiking. Have personalized items made for your special day like jewelry, tie clips, cuff links, vow books, etc. Or it can be as simple as creating a moment to share by dancing to your song or planning time to sit and watch the sun set or star gaze. Make it memorable! Make it special. But most importantly, make it yours!

Grand Teton Wedding Essentials For The National Park and Jackson Hole

This is a unique place and bringing in elements that sing “Jackson Hole and the Tetons” can be a really unique and special. Wyoming is the “cowboy state” and adding things like cowboy boots, hats, bolo ties, western jewlery, etc. can be really fun. Turquoise is also very big here in the West and a beautiful stone for jewlery, hat bands and more. Looking for ways to add elements of the location you have chosen to your day will make it more special.

Other Wedding Day Vendors

The other essential elements that most couples are looking for are local vendors. I have a full list of local officiants, hair & makeup artists and more amazing people that can help make your day amazing. Reach out and I can help you create the day you are envisioning!

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