What To Look For In An Elopement Photography Package

When you’re looking to elope, you need everything to be perfect! As a Jackson Hole photographer, I realize that every couple is so different and we need to cater to each couple’s preferences. In elopement photography there are a lot of options, so I’m going to share with you things to look for in an elopement photography package. This way, you can know what you want and make sure every box is checked during this important day!

Engagement Photos in Elopement Photography Package

Did you know that some elopement photographers include engagement photos as part of the package? This can be so easy for the couple, because you can work with one photographer the whole time, and we really get to know your good side!

 Your engagements and ceremony photos will be cohesive, and that can be really satisfying too. Make sure you check what sessions are included with your package, engagements, ceremony photos, portraits, etc.

Heirloom Albums & Prints

Another service to look for in elopement photography is whether or not your Jackson Hole photographer is including prints or an heirloom album. Some couples really want physical copies of their photos, and a great way to get your elopement photos is in a printed heirloom album. An heirloom album includes a selection of your photos in a well-bound photo book. If that’s something that would be important to you and your spouse, let your photographer know!

Second Photographer or Videographer 

Next, make sure to know who is on the team for your elopement photography! Some photographers have a partner, and that’s so you can get more angles, details, and reactions photos during your elopement. Other elopement packages include an assigned videographer or video services. 

Adventure Sessions for Elopement Photography

Another thing I offer as a Jackson Hole elopement photographer is adventure sessions! You can invite me along to photograph you climbing, hiking, or even rafting during your destination elopement! I love to help you celebrate your union on your terms, and it can be so fun to get these photos as a memory of your wedding day. 

Make sure to look for these special services in your elopement photography! Remember that your photographer is here to serve you, and help you make your dreams come true. As a Jackson Hole elopement photographer, I offer customized elopement photography packages to fit your needs. Reach out to me right here and tell me what you’re looking for!

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