Moab Elopement Hiking Essentials

The best part of an adventure elopement? The excursions! Excursions and hiking go hand in hand for a Moab elopement. As as a Utah elopement photographer, I have noticed that a lot of my couples who come from out of state may be missing a few Moab elopement hiking essentials. Here are some often-overlooked things to consider for your elopement adventure.

Compressed Towelette Tablets

When hiking through Arches National Park, you want to conserve as much space in your pack as possible, which is why I love these compressed towelette tablets. Just add a little water, and these lightweight towels are the perfect way to freshen up after a hike.

Trash Bag

I am a huge advocate for Leave No Trace in National Parks! We want to leave these beautiful places cleaner than we find them so you can go back and enjoy them for decades. Pack out everything we bring and be willing to pick up what others have left behind.

Sewing Kit

This is for when you lose a button or need to fix the dress. I actually have one in my camera bag, and it has been used countless times. You never know the direction your excursion will take you, and sometimes a little adventure means a little mending. So this is one of those Moab elopement hiking essentials that you will be so glad you brought when you need it!


Many couples think they will rely on their phones for a flashlight. I find that phone batteries don’t last and they don’t produce enough light to help you navigate the terrain. In addition, having hands-free light is so helpful! You can carry your gown, brace yourself on uneven paths and even hold hands and enjoy the journey back to the truck.

Specific Hike Essentials

Don’t get caught up in the wedding packing list and forget what’s needed for your specific hike. For example, you may need bear spray, snacks, water purification, an emergency beacon, first aid, etc. Be prepared and talk with your Utah elopement photographer before hand to see what they would recommend.

If you’re an adventurous couple looking for an equally adventurous photographer, reach out!

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