How Utah Elopement Photographer Serves Clients

As a Utah Elopement Photographer I have a passion for not only photography, but also for my clients. I have become close friends with so many of my couples. And I strongly believe it is because of how much of myself I give to you! Here is what you can expect when working with me.

The Experience With Utah Elopement Photographer

I love planning adventures with my clients. Picking a fun place to explore together allows your session to become an experience rather than a stale photoshoot. Typically we meet up in a convenient location and you hop in my truck for me to show you some of the prettiest locations in the area. In addition, I also love wandering around to find a new and unique location together. That is, if you have the time and want to see everything! However, if you are more familiar to the area, I’m always up for suggestions from my clients. Wherever we end up, you will be sure to see some of the most stunning locations and have a lot of fun along the way.

Real Images

As a Utah Elopement Photographer creating photographs with real emotion is my specialty. No worries if you or your partner feel uneasy being in front of the camera. Because I am really good at making you feel comfortable and confident! As a result, I get told by my clients that they forget there is even a camera in my hand. That is always the best compliment.

Moreover, I want you to go home with the most amazing images that provoke memories and emotions. I want you to remember the way he puts his arm around you to pull you in for a kiss. You will have images that remind you of the way her nose scrunches as she laughs. In the end, these memories are what we want to hold onto forever.

Preparation With Your Utah Elopement Photographer

We will talk via Facetime or phone call before your session or event to cover all the bases. We will get to know each other and connect before our session. Above all, we can get on the same page and make sure nothing falls through the cracks. Most importantly, I will make sure you get every image you are wanting!

I educate my clients on lighting and outfit choices so you will look your very best and forever love your photographs! In addition, you will also get posing direction from me onsite to help you loosen up and relax in front of the camera. Most importantly, I want you to feel confident and have the best time.

Certainly, I love helping my brides create the event of their dreams! Whether you want a small intimate ceremony, a large celebration, or to elope to somewhere exciting. I can guide you to the right vendors and help you with the logistics. I love being involved with the details and making dreams come true!

Turnaround Time

I am fast! I always schedule editing time for each of my sessions so that I can get you your photographs before the excitement wears off. I am usually able to have all images delivered within two weeks but often it’s within a few days. I know you will need photos to share with loved ones and I don’t want to make you wait!

Don’t be surprised when we become best friends. I love this job so much! I get to meet the best people in the world and help them bring their dreams to life. It’s the best!

Do you have any other questions? Please reach out and let me know! I’m excited to work with you.

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