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Welcome to my little corner of the internet, I’m glad you stopped by! As your Utah Elopement Photographer I am all about sharing tips and information, but I also want to get to know each other. Here are a few things about me and what I’m passionate about.

My Why

The reason WHY I hustle and work my buns off is my incredibly handsome husband and beautiful baby girl. They are my everything! Together we dream of owning a ranch with all the critters. Above all, we love animals, along with the cuddly joy that they add to this life. We believe that they teach us compassion and diligence. In addition, we want our children to grow up taking care of living things, knowing that they have the responsibility to feed and care for their beloved friend. And seeing that this kind of lifestyle requires land and money, we work. We work hard!

I Believe In Hard Work

Our world is becoming more sedentary. With careers becoming more technology based, it’s hard to build endurance for good old fashioned hard work. Certainly, I’ve felt that in my own choice of career. Working hard in my job as your Utah Elopement Photographer and graphic designer requires a lot of sitting at my computer for hours at a time. For example, one busy day kept me at my computer for 12 hours. With only a few bathroom breaks, I even ate my meals between editing images and responding to emails!

That requires endurance and hard work in it’s own way, but definitely leaves me yearning for something more active. Likewise, I need to move my body to feel good. After a few years into my career I realized how weak I had become to outdoor work. Once I took a few days off from my desk job to go work on the farm. It was incredibly hot and my tasks consisted of heavy lifting, shoveling, running, and more physical work than I had done in a while. As a result, I realized I needed more balance in my life. I didn’t want my desk job to become my only job. Owning our own animals has encouraged us to find time to be outdoors working and playing. Meanwhile, that balance has brought me much satisfaction and joy!

My Roots

My grandpa, along with his brothers built a ranch in Idaho along that Blackfoot River. As a result, I have fond memories visiting the ranch. In addition, I married a man that appreciates the ranching and farming lifestyle. For this reason it’s our dream to create this for our family.

Our beliefs are deeply rooted in God, hard work and fun!

I Am An Artist

Art has been “my thing” forever. From a young age I’ve loved creating. However, I don’t claim to be a natural. For instance, I wasn’t instantly good at any specific medium like many of my peers. I went to college, studied and worked really hard to develop skills in art and design. Although this has caused much frustration to my life at times. Above all, I’m proud of my journey and thankful to have a career that I love. Some of my favorite artistic projects include wood cut print making, ceramics, and painting.

I Like To Boogie

I’ve always loved to dance. However, I’m not really that great at that either! Very few things make me happier than cranking up the tunes and dancing! Therefore, it’s my favorite part of wedding celebrations, I get so hyped when one of my couples tells me they are adding a dance party to their wedding day. I truly believe that sometimes, you just got to “dance it out”. Any other Grey’s Anatomy fans out there?

Arches National Park Wedding

I get to adventure to the prettiest backdrops and photograph the coolest people. Helping couples create a perfect day or weekend dedicated to celebrating their love and union makes me so happy! As a Utah Elopement Photographer, it is the absolute best feeling in the world getting to see these weddings come together. Then to be able to capture all the memories too! My job is the best!

If you and your person want to say your vows in this spectacular location, I can show you some of the most magical hidden secret places.

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