Jackson Hole Photo Tour Engagement Session

Being a Jackson Hole wedding photographer means that I have gotten to know the area better than most. Which is why I love having extended engagement sessions with my couples. Not only do you get a variety of backdrops and hours of adventure. But you also have your own personal Jackson Hole photo tour engagement session! Wondering what that would look like? Take a look at Shannon and Nick’s Jackson Hole engagement session.

man and woman hugging and kissing as the sun starts to set in the distance over the Teton moutnains

Shannon & Nick

Before we hop into the perks of having a Jackson Hole photo tour engagement session, I have to share a little bit about Shannon and Nick! They are such an awesome couple with the sweetest love story. The two had been dating for years when Nick decided to pop the question. But, he really wanted both of their families there to celebrate with them.

To accomplish this, while making the proposal a surprise, Nick had both of their families come out to a friends ranch. On what Shannon thought was their way to dinner, Nick told her that he wanted to stop by an old friends house and say hello. As they jumped out of the car and started walking to the ranch Nick told Shannon he had to ask her something. Then he dropped down to one knee! She said yes, and then they went into the ranch’s home where she was surprised again by their entire family.

What Is A Jackson Hole Photo Tour Engagement Session?

Having a Jackson Hole photo tour accompanied with your engagement session is a one of a kind experience. Every time I do one of these it looks a little different, being customized to the couple. However, the foundation of the session is the same across the board.

More Time Means More Photos

To start, rather than having a quick hour long session, these engagement sessions are drawn out to about three hours. To a lot of people this seems like too long of a time to take photos. And it is! A lot of this time goes into the travel that has to be done with visiting multiple locations throughout the Grand Teton National Park. In addition, more time taking photos typically results in a larger gallery with more variety in locations!

Multiple Locations

In every Jackson Hole photo tour engagement session I take you around the Grand Tetons. Sharing history, stories and capturing your love in a variety of locations. The Tetons are amazing in the way that they look so different and unique from every angle. And with the differing landscapes and water features, every backdrop stands out on its own. Couple this with a few outfit changes and it will look like you have multiple engagement sessions.

Get To Know Each Other

I love extended engagement sessions because of the time I get to learn more about you and how you interact together. A lot of the time I like to prompt my couples with poses that are natural and organic in their relationship. As we spend more time together I learn more about how you interact with each other. And you become more comfortable in front of my camera. Creating the perfect combination for natural and fun loving engagement photos!

I love getting to create beautiful and unique images to your relationship. Highlighting the actions that come so naturally between the two of you. These interactions combined with a variety of locations will give you the ultimate engagement photo gallery! And make the best day date you have ever had. Let’s connect and start planning your Jackson Hole photo tour engagement session!

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