Jackson Hole Elopement With A Formal Ceremony

I love getting to hike and adventure with my couples as a Jackson Hole wedding photographer. But every once in a while I get to enjoy a more formal wedding day! Chad and Kassandra chose to have a Jackson Hole elopement with a formal ceremony. Since this was a destination elopement, the wedding party could not rehearse in the space before hand. But, with my experience I was able to direct the group to create a smooth wedding day. Here is how to include a formal ceremony in your elopement!

woodland wedding photo with groom holding his bride as the sun shines through the trees overhead

Kassandra & Chad

Kassandra first saw Chad on her friend’s Facebook, and asked if he was single. The friend ended up giving Chad her number. And not too long after, Chad and Kassandra met in person for ice cream with Kassandra’s dog, Dot. The two hit it off immediately! However, Kassandra jokes that Dot is the real reason Chad asked her out after that.

After that, Chad and Kassandra were inseparable! Becoming best friends quickly and falling head over heels for each other. Finally Chad proposed on a special date night dinner in Cleveland, about an hour away from their hometown. Then to bring their relationship full circle, the couple went out for some ice cream to celebrate!

bride holding her grooms hand as she leads him through a meadow in Jackson Hole for their destination elopement

groom standing behind his bride and wrapping his arms around her shoulders as he learns in to kiss her on the cheek

Why Jackson Hole?

Chad and Kassandra chose to have a destination elopement instead of a hometown wedding. Because they are both from the same spot in Ohio, the couple knew they wouldn’t be able to invite everyone to their wedding. Not wanting to disappoint so many friends and family, they decided something out of town would be better.

Chad suggested Jackson Hole, as he had been to the parks before. And when he shared a few pictures with Kassandra she was sold! She fell in love with the landscape and stunning mountain range of the Grand Tetons. Then they decided to invite a few friends and family members to make it a Jackson Hole elopement with a formal ceremony.

Jackson Hole Elopement With A Formal Ceremony

We started their wedding day with a sunrise first look. And it was absolutely breathtaking! The way the sun lit up the mountains, and added a glow to the sky was just heavenly. And the emotion that poured out of both Chad and Kassandra was something I am so grateful that I got to capture. After their first look at Oxbow Bend, we hopped over to Signal Mountain for more bridal photos before heading back.

sunrise first look in Grand Tetons with groom holding his bride as he sees her for the first time

When we got back to Togwotee Mountain Lodge Kassandra freshened up and we had a few getting ready photos. This is such a great time to capture the little details for the bride including her wedding dress. Kassandra’s dress was actually made by Chad’s sister who designs and creates stunning wedding gowns in her business, Grace Bridal Designs. Getting ready photos were followed by a prayer with their family and friends. This was such a beautiful addition to their day! Making their wedding day more sentimental to them, resulting in timeless moments.

Chad and Kassandra’s formal ceremony at Scwabacher Landing was beautiful and full of emotion. They had their wonderful friends, Joe and Jill there to help officiate the wedding. They met through Kassandra’s church when she was in college, and since have become a meaningful part of both Chad and Kassandra’s life.

outdoor ceremony in Jackson Hole with bride reading her vows to her groom as they both smile at each other

Jackson Hole Elopement Photos

When planning a Jackson Hole elopement with a formal ceremony, it can be difficult to plan ahead. You can’t really have a rehearsal with your wedding party. But you will definitely still need some direction! As a Jackson Hole wedding photographer I provide just that.

Before you ceremony I will chat with your wedding party and we will have a mini rehearsal. I direct your wedding party where they will walk and stand. This way your wedding photos are well spaced and look exceptional! I usually will designate someone in the wedding party to oversee and direct during the actual ceremony. For Chad and Kassandra it was their friend Jill. She was one of the last people down the aisle, so she helped make sure everyone was sent down the aisle when they were supposed to.

wedding ceremony photo with bride and groom saying their vows while holding hands and their wedding party standing near

During family photos with a larger wedding party I will do something similar to the mini rehearsal. Once again, Jill helped me to direct and keep track of all the groups. This way I could quickly capture Chad and Kassandra with the most important people in their life, as Jill gathered siblings, friends, and parents. As a result, taking pictures takes a lot less time and everyone gets to go to lunch a lot faster!

Kassandra and Chad’s wedding day was filled with so many meaningful moments. I loved getting to be a part of their wedding day and capturing this moment of their love story. If you are planning your Jackson Hole Elopement With A Formal Ceremony, reach out! I would love to talk more about how I can help plan and capture your wedding day!

bride and grooms first look together at a sunrise session in Jackson Hole

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