How To Form A Wedding Guest List

You deserve your Wyoming elopement to be everything you have dreamed of. With that, you need to be surrounded by only the best of the best! As a Grand Teton Wedding photographer I have seen the difference guests make at a wedding. So you want to be sure you are inviting the right people! Whether you are having more of a tradition wedding party or just an intimate elopement ceremony, here are some tips for how to form a wedding guest list!

Your Favorites

Before anything else, determine who is your favorite people, that just have to be there! For some of my elopement couples, this is just their significant other. Which we love!

However, if you are wanting a bit larger of a celebration, then think a bit further. Who are the people who know you best and would be in a wedding party. Usually this is your immediate family and closest friends. In addition, your favorites may be family or friends that aren’t in the wedding party but will definitely be in the front row supporting you!

If you want a more traditional and small elopement, you can stop here! But, if you are looking to add more loved ones to your day, then read on!


After deciding who are your favorite people you need there, gather the names of your immediate family and your most loved extended family members. Don’t feel obligated to invite every member of your families. Rather, invite those who you are the closest with will make your day that much more special.

Again, if this fulfills your elopement day dreams, then stop forming your wedding guest list here! Or continue reading if you want a bigger party.


Now consider all of your friends and acquaintances. As a Grand Teton wedding photographer who specializes in elopements, it is rare that I see friends and acquaintances invited to a JAckson Hole destination elopement. However, if you are more local and want a bit more of a crowd at your wedding, then this is for you!

For a more intimate wedding only invite your closest friends at the moment. The people who mean the most to you and that you interact with often. But are not already in the wedding party. However, if you are planning a large wedding then invite as many people as you see fit!

Wedding Guest List

Throughout the wedding planning process, don’t feel bad for not being able to invite everyone you know. As a Grand Teton wedding photographer, who also helps with wedding planning, I can promise you that more often less is more. Less guests often give you more time to embrace to moment and truly connect with you person.

Planning your wedding and learning how to form a wedding guest list should be made simple! And you deserve a wedding photographer who is there to help you along the way. Reach out and let’s chat!

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