Utah Elopement Dress Tips

Summer wedding season is here! And as a Utah elopement photographer I am excited to share the best wedding tips for your Utah elopement dress. Today, I’ll be giving you advice for the right way to dress, specifically for a Utah elopement, so that you will be comfortable, fashionable and can explore easily. Even so, these tips come from a lot of experience with eloping couples, so I think the advice will be useful for you no matter where you’re eloping.

groom dipping his bride back and kissing her passionately in the red rocks of southern utah for their destination elopement with utah elopement photographer


When you shop for an elopement dress, pick the right fabric for the job. Your elopement will require a lot of walking “off the beaten path,” and some fabrics will hold up better than others. Here’s a few of my observations.

utah elopement photographer captures bride cuddling into her grooms chest and holding her hand over his heart and gently smiling as her groom smiles down to her


If you pick a tulle skirt, you’ll be happy to find that tulle sheds sand, or fine dirt, well. This makes is more comfortable for you to get those adventurous wedding photos in the red sandy caves of Arches National Park. In turn, a tulle skirt can be a good choice for a Utah elopement. 

Utah Elopement Photographer photographs bride and groom embracing as the sun sets over the red rock for their Arches National Park wedding


Lace has its pros and cons. It is really forgiving when it comes to dirt, but can snag on the brush and plants. Some laces will snag more, like when the lace doesn’t have a mesh backing to it (Venise/Venetian lace).

sunset wedding with bride and groom sitting together on a mountain top while the sun sets over the horizon as the groom leans over and kisses his bride for their Arches National Park wedding

Silk and Organza

Smoother fabrics, like silk and organza, don’t snag on brush and plants as much. But, they show dirt much more. And with Arches National Park Weddings tending to be a bit more adventurous, and a lot more dirty. I would suggest steering clear of this fabric for your Utah elopement dress.

Arches National Park wedding with bride and groom on top of a mountain together holding hands and looking at one another after the sunset with Utah elopement photographer


Some brides wonder whether they should bring a veil to their Utah elopement. My response? Yeah, why not! They make for some great photos, especially if it’s a breezy day. If you are unsure of the logistics  of wearing one, we can always pack it and try some photos with and without your veil.

Arches National Park wedding with bride and groom on an outlook on top of red rock with the wind blowing the brides veil as her groom kisses her passionately with a beautiful view in the distance captured by Utah elopement photographer


Hiking boots, cowboy boots, sandals and flats work great; any shoe you can really walk around in works for an elopement. However, which shoes you decide to wear also largely depends on the type of Utah elopement you are planning to have. If you are wanting to hike and explore, wear hiking boots! Then once we get to our location you can change into something more cute.

bride wearing white cowboy boots as she walking through the red rocks of arches national park for her utah elopement

Overall, dress so you can move easily! Pick something that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable.

If you and your person are looking to tie the knot during a stunning Utah elopement, let me capture your memories. Reach out and book today!

bride and groom embracing under the brides wedding veil photographed by Utah elopement photographer

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