Jackson Hole Wedding Flatlay Photos

A wedding flatlay is like a snapshot of you wedding day in one image. It includes the little details of your wedding invitations, meaningful items and encompasses the overall theme of your wedding day. As a Jackson Hole wedding photographer I love flatlay images because of the ability they have to transport my couples back to their wedding day. So many times we hear that you won’t remember all the details of your wedding day, but with Jackson Hole wedding flatlay photos you will be able to!

wedding flatlay with wedding invites, roses, rings and other details

When & Where

Typically I like to capture your wedding flatlay images while you are getting ready. This way I can grab your wedding ring, earrings and any other items that you are planning to wear before you put them on for the day!

Wedding Flatlay Photos

These photos will not be specific to the bride or groom, but rather focus on the wedding as a whole. We will grab wedding bands, engagement ring, a few pieces of florals and other little details that create the atmosphere of your wedding day. Here are a few items that you will want to provide.

Your Invitations

Bring the card, envelope, save the date, everything you have! We may not use every piece, but it is better to have it there just in case. And be sure to carry it in a book or briefcase, so that papers remain flat for your wedding photographer to do their magic.

jackson hole photographers photographs wedding detail sin a flatlay including wedding invitations, florals, rings and garter

Your Rings!

By capturing your rings together for your Jackson Hole wedding flatlay images you will accomplish two things. First, you create the opportunity to stage a meaningful and timeless image that will last for generations. And secondly, I hate to even say this, but if you ever lose your wedding bands you will at least have images to look back on.

detail shot of engagement and wedding ring sitting on a rock for jackson hole flatlay photos

Bride’s Jackson Hole Wedding Flatlay Photos

As a bride you have a lot of details that you will want to remember, but may not get enough credit throughout the day. Ensure that these small pieces of jewelry and other meaningful details are captured and remembered forever through your wedding flatlay images! Here are some suggested items that you will want to provide.

jackson hole elopement photographer captures bridal and grooms details laid out on a wood table


Hand over your earrings, necklace, bracelet and anything else that you are planning to wear to accessorize. By providing these to your wedding photographer you are letting them capture those little details that will mean so much to your future generations.

bridal jewelry laid out on a piece of lace in a bridal suite captured by jackson hole photographers

Your Shoes

I wish wedding day shoes got more attention! Unfortunately they don’t because they are hidden under your wedding dress all day. Let’s give them the attention they deserve and feature them in one of your wedding flatlay photos!

brides crystal shoes sitting on a white backdrop captured by jackson hole wedding photographer

Bridal Bouquet

This is a great way to incorporate you wedding bouquet into another image! As a wedding photographer I have found that your wedding bouquet sneaks it’s way into a lot of photos, why not one more?

wedding bouquet made of blush florals in a white ribbon arranged by Jackson Hole photographers

Groom’s Jackson Hole Wedding Flatlay Photos

Not enough grooms get wedding flatlay images, which is such a shame! I love getting to capture what your groom chooses to wear and the small fun details that make him unique as a groom. It shows so much of his personality while making making photography special for him as well. Here are a few of my favorite items to include from the groom.

Socks & Shoes

Your socks always reflect SO MUCH of who your are! It is very rare that I get a groom with plain black socks. You should show them off in your wedding flatlay images.


This is a piece that you may just hold onto for the rest of your life. It may be nice to have a picture of how nice it looks the first time you wore it.

groom holding his feather bowtie for a detail shot for his Jackson Hole wedding photos


This item will tie the overall theme of the wedding into your wedding flatlay photos.

groom's boutonniere with a white rose and other boho greenery on a black suit photographed by jackson hole wedding photographers

Any Other Sentimental Item

Maybe your grandpas pocket watch, a pair of cuff links from your bride, or a handkerchief your mom embroidered for this very day.

detail shot of hankerchief and rosery for winter wedding by Jackson Hole wedding photographer

Provide these items to your wedding photographer and you will be sure to aid them in creating the perfect wedding flatlay photos! Your images will reflect who you are as individuals, as well as a couple. You will receive pictures that display what your wedding day was all about and will bring you back every time you look at them! Let’s chat about your wedding and what you want in your flatlays!

Jackson Hole wedding invitations with wedding bands and floral surrounding the invite for a grand teton wedding

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