3 Tips For The Best Wyoming Elopement

Are you looking to elope in Wyoming? What an exciting and big milestone! Eloping can be tricky, but as a Jackson Hole photographer, I have had the chance to work with a ton of couples eloping in the great outdoors! Let me share with you my top three tips, no contest, for your best Wyoming elopement. 

Jackson Hole photographer captures wyoming elopement with man and woman holding hands and walking across a dirt path in front of an old historic barn

Make Your Wyoming Elopement Uniquely You!

The great part about eloping is your complete and total freedom. When you’re not worried about placemats for 200 people or bistro lighting, your wedding can look, truly, however you want! So what does celebrating look like for you? Popping champagne? Shot-gunning beers? Stuffing yourselves with cake?

I tell the couples I work with to consider, what is most important to you both? What will make this the most amazing day for you? If you two play the guitar, bring one along. If you love tacos, let’s buy out Taco Bell. Plan this moment to be a full, unique celebration of you and your love for each other.

Grand Teton wedding with Jackson Hole photographer capturing bride and groom standing on top of a large  boulder in front of a bright blue lake with the Tetons in the distance
Grand Teton wedding with Jackson Hole photographer with bride standing behind the groom and walking towards him for their first look
Jackson Hole photographer captures grand teton wedding with bride and groom hugging each other with one arm while their other arm is in the air in celebration in front of Delta Lake

Take Time for Traditional Touches

Your elopement is a special day where you are committing yourself to one another. When you’re planning your elopement, don’t ignore meaningful touches that might be included in a more conventional wedding.

Need ideas? You can write letters for each other, or ask those from home to write letters for you to read on your day. Create a special playlist of songs for the road trip around Jackson Hole. Give each other small, personalized gifts. Bring family heirloom pieces–or buy new jewelry that can become a family heirloom. 

You won’t regret going the extra mile to build traditions that you can look back on. 

dark stormy sky with two rainbows in the distance with bride and groom kissing under clear umbrellas overhead for rainy day wedding
Jackson Hole photographer with bride and groom under a clear umbrella while it rains around them and they look into the sunset together for their Grand Teton wedding
bride and groom kissing as the rain comes down on them and the sun shines through the clouds taken by Jackson Hole photographer

Slow Down and Plan Time to be Together

Plan time to be together as a couple on YOUR day. Explore and be present in the moments of this day you have been planning for so long. Create time to enjoy it all.

Bring binoculars to look for wildlife in Wyoming. Take your shoes off to walk in the cool water of the Tetons. Bring food for a picnic under the trees. I’d be happy to tag along to photograph the two of you trying a new adventure like hiking, climbing, or river rafting to commemorate the occasion.

So there you have it. You’ve noticed that my three tips don’t have anything to do with what you’re wearing or what type of decor you need. Your elopement in Wyoming, or anywhere for that matter, should be all about you and the relationship you’ve created with your someone. 

When you’re ready to book your Wyoming elopement photos, I’m ready to work with you! Contact me so I can reserve your date!

bridal portraits with bride and groom embracing one another while resting their foreheads together with the Grand Tetons in the distance reflecting over a small lake captured by Jackson Hole photographer
engagement ring on brides hand as she holds onto her grooms chest for their bridal session in the Tetons photographed by Jackson Hole wedding photographer
Jackson HOle photographer captures bride and groom hugging one another and kissing as the sun sets over the trees in the distance for their Grand Teton wedding

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