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You deserve a beautiful and stress free elopement. And although elopements tend to be less stressful that traditional weddings, it still has the potential to be a bit chaotic. As a Jackson Hole photographer I have captured over a hundred weddings and elopements in the Grand Tetons and have a number of elopement timeline examples to help you plan a stress free elopement!

jackson hole photographers captures groom kifting his bride up and kissing her at their sunrise session for their elopement

Mini Elopement With Guests Timeline

This elopement timeline offers a simple and beautiful evening. I love it for multiple reasons, first being that it starts so late in the day. You don’t have to wake up early and feel rushed to get ready. Which reduces a lot of stress, especially for the bride!

4:30pm – Meet Up @ Hotel (Bride rides with me Groom Follows)

5-7pm First Look, and photos around the park

7:30pm Meet Guests at Ceremony Location

8:00pm Sunset Ceremony & Group Photos

9:00pm Sunset photos

9:30pm Head out to the after party at the Cowboy Bar

jackson hole photographers captures bride adn groom holding hands during their outdoor ceremony for their Grand Teton wedding  with the forest in the distance and the mountains towering over
jackson hole photographers captures bride and groom holding hands and exiting their outdoor ceremony for their grand teton wedding in the woods with their family and friends cheering for them
jackson hole photographers captures bridal portraits with bride and groom standing together at a lake in the Tetons and smiling as the bride holds a lush bouquet

Two Day Elopement Weekend

If you are looking for a weekend long celebration with your closest family and friends, then this is the timeline for you! Packed with adventures, tours, and so many photo opportunities. I love this option as it gives you such a great experience for your elopement that you will never forget!

-Day One-

10am: Meet at trailhead & Begin Hike

1pm: Arrive at Lake and Relax & Enjoy

2pm: Getting Ready

4pm: First Look & Private Vows

5pm: Photos around the lake

6pm: Dinner and drinks

7pm: Hike out

-Day Two-

12pm: Getting Ready

3pm: First look with dad

4pm: Ceremony & Group Photos

5pm: Cocktail Hour

6pm: Dinner

8pm: Cake Cutting & Dancing

bride and groom holding hands together in JAckson HOle's forest as the groom looks at his brides lace white wedding dress
bridals in the woods of JAckson HOle with the bride and groom sharing their private vow to oneanother for their Spring wedding
black and white image of bride and groom in the woods of Jackson Hole during their elopement

Sunrise Schedule

For my early risers, I definitely recommend a sunrise elopement timeline. This is the perfect option for warm glowing sunrise images! In addition, you will have the rest of the day to explore Jackson Hole and truly take in the local area.

3am – Hair & Makeup

5am – Travel Time

6am – First Look/Ceremony & Exploring/Photo Session

8am – Optional Second Location of Exploring/Photos

10am – Brunch/Celebration

jackson hole photographers captures bride and groom holding hands and walking through a grassy trail next to a river in the Grand  Tetons
woodland wedding photo with groom holding his bride as the sun shines through the trees overhead
sun shining over bride and groom as groom embraces brides face and sets his forehead on top of her head

Sunset Schedule 

If you still want the glow of the sun on the horizon, but aren’t willing to wake up before the sun comes up, then consider a sunset schedule! As a Jackson Hole photographer I love these session because they provide such a stunning warmth to your images.

1pm – Hair & Makeup

3pm – Travel/Buffer Time

4pm – First Look & Exploring/Photo Session

6pm – Ceremony & Portraits

7pm – Sunset Exploration/Photo Session

9pm – Head back to town

bride and groom holding hands and walking through the woods in the Tetons while the sun shines through the trees onto them captured by Jackson hole photographers
bride and groom embracing and kissing in the mountains woods captured by Jackson Hole wedding photographers
groom leaning down to kiss his bride on the cheek as she looks up to him and smiles in the woods captured by jackson hole photographers

Full Day Hiking Adventure

One of the best parts of getting married in Grand Tetons has to be the amount of hiking available! Whether you are looking for an hour long rigorous hike, or something more light and relaxing. I know the perfect spot to take you. This elopement timeline option is great for the adventurous couple!

8am – Hair & Makeup (optional) Wearing hiking attire

10am – Travel to the trailhead/Buffer Time

11am – Start Hiking

2pm – Estimated Arrival to Destination

3pm – Get Ready (full hair and makeup or just touch ups)

5pm – Ceremony & Sunset Exploration/Photo Session

7pm – Eat & Celebrate

8pm – Hike out with headlamps

10pm – Make it to the trailhead

bride and groom sitting together on a rock at Delta Lake cuddling as the groom kisses the brides forehead
Jackson Hole wedding photographer captures bride and groom at a lake in the mountains for the Jackson Hole wedding as they embrace one another
Jackson Hole wedding photographer photographs bride and groom kissing with the Teton mountains behind them

Two Day Schedule

Above all, I want your elopement to perfectly fit your needs! This two day schedule is an example of a more customizable day. And of course you can customize any of the above schedules as wel!

*Day One (Just the two of you)

4pm – First Look & Exploring/Photo Session

6pm – Private Vow Sharing

7pm – Sunset Exploration/Photo Session

9pm – Head back to town

*Day Two (Ceremony & Celebration with guests)

Choice between Sunset, Sunrise, Split Day or Custom Schedule.

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grand teton wedding with bride and groom holding hands and looking to the mountains at sunset for their wedding portraits by jackson hole photographers
groom dipping his bride backwards at Schwabacher Landing with the Tetons in the distance captured by jackson hole wedding photographers
jackson hole wedding photographers photographs bride and groom kissing at Schwabacher Landing in the Tetons for their Jackson Hole wedding

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