5 Things To Consider When Planning Your Utah Elopement

I have witnessed countless elopements, through my experience as a Utah Elopement photographer. And I have identified key topics that you should discuss when planning your Utah elopement, in order to create a meaningful day that is exactly what you want. When eloping there are so many options! You get to create the wedding day of your dreams, but where do you even start?

bride and groom posing under and Arch in Southern Utah for their wedding with Utah wedding photographer

The First Step In Planning

The first step to planning your elopement is to decide how you want your day to look. Even though you have decided to keep things intimate, it doesn’t mean you have to throw out all tradition! Keeping things small means you get to do exactly what you want. Once you have an idea of what that is, all your plans will start falling into place

Utah elopement photographer captures Arches National Park wedding photos with bride and groom embracing as the sun shines right past them for their outdoor wedding

5 Things To Discuss With Your Fiance

#1 Location

When planning your elopement, you will most likely be choosing a beautiful outdoor backdrop for your ceremony. There are many options you can easily access by driving, others will require hiking. You need to decide how adventurous you want to be on your big day. If you and your fiancé love hiking then you may want to celebrate your love by making that part of the experience! On the other hand, if you love the outdoors but don’t want to get dirty or too sweaty then you will probably want to stick to easy access locations. Your photographer can help you choose the exact spots, but letting them know how adventurous you want to be on your day will help them guide you to the perfect location for your ceremony.

bride and groom embracing in red rocks of Southern Utah as the bride holds the grooms neck and smiles up at him while the sun sets in the distance captured by Utah elopement photographer

#2 Getting Ready Photos

Do you want to document your entire day from the very beginning? Think about your wedding album, having photos that tell the whole story of your day can be really special. Will you have your mom there helping you into your dress or are you going to pop some champagne with your best friends? This can be a good way to capture those beautiful moments with those you love. Even if you won’t be having guests join you, capturing the early excitement of your day is really sentimental. You can even have all the details photographed like your dress hanging and the rings in their boxes!

bride and groom embracing against red rock for their southern utah wedding with utah elopement photographer as the groom kisses his brides forehead while she leans into him

#3 First Look

Do you want to capture the moment you both see each other for the first time in your wedding attire? If so, how do you want this experience to go? Do you want to simply meet up in a beautiful spot and share a moment just the two of you, say a prayer, share personal vows or written letters? Or do you want to keep with tradition and have the first time you see each other be at the alter as you walk into your ceremony location? When planning your elopement, this is an event that many couples overlook, but should be a thought out and special moment.

Utah elopement photographer captures bride and groom holding hands and walking in southern Utah's red rock for their Arches National Park wedding

#4 Meaningful Touches

Are there any sentimental details you want to add to your day? Heirloom jewelry/attire, cultural traditions, religious rituals or even a special song. Adding meaningful things can make these moments more beautiful and enhance your day. By Adding sentimental touches throughout your elopement, you will bring personality and remembrance to the entire day!

utah elopement photographer captures bride and groom kissing in southern utah at Arches National Park with shrubs and dessert landscape surrounding them while in their luxury wedding attire

#5 The After Party

How do you want to celebrate? This is where you can add personality to your day. Do you want to pop champagne, crack open a beer, have an intimate dinner reception, hit up a local bar, go hiking, white river rafting, share a first dance, get a small cake or dessert to share. The options are endless!

Utah elopement photographer captures bride and groom holding hands and leaning into kiss each other at their Arches National Park wedding in southern Utah with large red rock mountains behind them

Every elopement is unique and special in it’s own way! And these 5 points will help you to enhance your elopement to be a meaningful and adventurous day. I love helping you in planning your elopement with my insider knowledge of southern Utah and the surrounding area. Reach out and let’s chat about your Utah elopement!

bride and groom standing on top of a hill in the desert of southern utah as the groom leans in to kiss his bride while the sunsets in the distance captured by Utah elopement photographer

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